It sure looks a very promising initiative that a few youngsters in the flower business presented last week in a small booth at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, Netherlands. The good old flower book is revived as ‚Flowerbook‘ app.

Who has not worked with the famous paper version of the flower book? If not, you must be very young, because only a few years ago the publishing and distribution of this small flower encyclopaedia was stopped. A pity, according to many flower professionals who were often depending on the images and season indication of the flowers who made it to the selection of the booklet. Of course, it was never complete and really up-to-date, but it was the best information available already in times without the internet.

It is actually astonishing that with over twenty years of internet history this is only the first real attempt to capture the old flower book in an online version. But here it is, available in both the App Store and Google Play. You can download a free version with limited features before deciding to buy the premium version for a yearly fee of € 4,49.

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We haven’t counted all images, but Flowerbook claims to have over 5,000 high quality pictures already in their database. We tried both the free app and the premium version. You need to register before you can start working with this app. This is free of charge. After this you are good to go.

The free version shows a list of flowers to select from, whereas the premium version lets you also search by variety, type or flower colour and you can look just for all novelties. This is how you can make your own selection based upon the variables you prefer. The colour tool, for instance, lets you select a whole range of flowers within the same colour spectrum.

The Flowerbook app works rather ‚fool proof‘. Without a manual or a lot of installing hassle you will be able to work your way around it. We have tried both the smartphone version and the tablet version. Even on the larger screen of the tablet the images are of excellent quality.


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Concluded? We like it. And you?

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