Spring is a beautiful time of the year when it comes to flowers – seems like the whole world is blooming. And so do the stunning VIP Garden Roses.



We have already previously presented you to VIP Roses – a creative master mind (read the blog here). We will now, however, not talk about their artistic skills when it comes to the assortment of the tempting coloured and waxed flowers. We will instead focus on the start of the season and their unique and majestic Garden Roses assortment. We had yet another chance to visit VIP Roses – this time, the nursery itself. The little bar among the Roses seemed just like a secret garden, making the nursery extra welcoming!


OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Garden Roses

A small bar right before the entrance to the nursery.


OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Garden Roses

We also had to wear special clothing in order to ensure the health of the flowers. Looking a bit like flower doctors, no?

One of the features distinguishing VIP Roses from other growers is that, despite the technological development, the company sorts out the Roses by hand. And this is  solely because the grower aims to ensure the high quality  of the product. Therefore, prior to its packaging, each and every stem is thoroughly checked and processed.


OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Garden Roses - Victorian White

Victorian White. *Beware, this is a brand new variety, which will be available in apporximately 2 weeks.

Another VIP’s remarkable characteristic is the extent, to which the Roses are open when packed. And that absolutely does not mean that they will mature earier. On the contrary – the blossom is just very big on its own and the flowers will open up much more and very beautifully, once they are in their full blooming stage.


OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Garden Roses - London Eye

Beautifully packed London Eye in the left picture followed by different varieties on the right.


The grower is constantly developing and testing new varieties, selecting only the best for further assortment expansion. That is why the nursery also has many lanes with flowers without a name. In fact, there are a couple of varieties that are already coming to market. For instance, the Victorian White (presented earlier) is coming in two weeks, absolutely stunning Symbol of a gorgeous colour comes in approximately five weeks, and Bourbon Street is already out in the market.



Symbol on the left, followed by stunning Bourbon Street.


For whom the bell tolls? And no, this is not about Metallica’s hit. This is about weddings. This magical day of one’s life deserves the best selection of flowers. Luckily, VIP Roses’ assortment is wide enough to provide the customer with a choice of majestic Roses for such a special day. For she – Rose – is the Queen of flowers. The garden Roses will set a breathtaking atmosphere to a wedding – not only with their enchanting looks and big blossoms, but also with the seductive odor. They will go perfectly for the venue decoration, but also for a bridal bouquet. Walking down the aisle with this creation will add that last missing spark to any bride.

With the unique appearance of Roses, the choice is very wide. Westminster Abby has a very distinctive colour – shades of light pink and purple blended together with tints of cream – probably, this colour is nowhere else to be found. Of course, the traditional wedding colours are white, cream and light pink – therefore, Mansfield Park, Royal Park or Cream Fragrance could be a great solution. Also, the Victorian line of garden Roses would be suitable for any wedding, as their colours vary while keeping the elegance applicable to weddings.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Garden Roses - Mansfield Park - Royal Park

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Garden Roses - Victorian Peach - Westminster Abbey

Mansfield Park and Royal Park on the top photos and Victorian Peach is followed by Westminster Abbey down below.



The elegance of these flowers is spectacular, isn’t it? Be sure to check the full collection of VIP Roses’ assortment in our webshop or app.




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