Flowers with an incredible smell. Flowers with a unique appearance. Flowers with bright colours. Flowers which you might want to eat. VIP Roses.


VIP Roses’ flowers are an exceptional work of art. They are truly unique – not only does the company seasonally breed distinctive roses for already 35 years, but they also took a chance and came up with a special secret recipe of painting the flowers and making so-called ‘toppings’.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Raspberry Elegance - Westminster Abby - Garden Mix

Raspberry Elegance, Westminster Abby and gentle Garden Mix



We were very lucky to get a chance to pay VIP Roses a visit. The place really does look and smell like a candy or chocolate factory! They have various flower toppings for any type of occasion – be it the Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s or Easter.

Among others, there are choco toppings or marshmallow, frost or sugar, satin or glitter, pearl or snowy – even glow in the dark! And this is solely for the roses. VIP Roses also works with other flowers, constantly developing and testing new products – their creativity is extraordinary!

Just like good graffiti artists, they throw their imagination and creativity onto their canvas, slowly creating a masterpiece by mixing and nearly melting numerous colours together. The employees at VIP Roses are true Artists.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Roses - toppings

In the left picture, you can see the owner – Marc – and our Rose specialist – Roy. In the right picture – a pink Roses topping mix.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Roses - Tulips - Tulip Rainbow Alexandra

Beautiful Rainbow Alexandra Tulips and Rose Mixes.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Brownies Iris - Brownies Ranunculus

On the left, you can see one of VIP Roses‘ owners – Jeroen – holding the new Iris Brownies; and on the right, you can see the Brownies Ranunculus being prepared to be packed. 



Recently these flowers became more popular than ever. We, thus, gladly present you with the trendy VIP picks.


This is a very sweet treat. Imagine biting on a hot, freshly baked brownie. Feel its fluffy structure, gentle taste. Well, these flowers are equivalent to this delicious dessert. Take a closer look at the way the colours merge in these blossoms, how they twist together – just as pieces of chocolate in brownies – creating these unique appearances. And the Ranunculus, indeed, looks like one big and soft marshmallow with slightly burnt edges – just like the ones you make in summer by the campfire. In fact, this texture also resembles cotton candy.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Anemone Painted Brownie - Tulp Paint Brownie - Ranunculus Marshmallow Brown

Anemone Paint Brownies, Tulp Paint Brownies and gentle Ranunculus Paint Marshmallow Brown.


These flowers are definitely very unusual. The bright blue, in contrast to the light shades on the petals of the flower, looks like that heavy and beautiful dark sky before the storm. In a flower arrangement, this leaves a very big room for imagination as for what to mix the flowers with. Yellow, to create a sunny contrast to the dark sky? Perhaps, some greenery? Feel free to experiment.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Germini Paint Mini Blue Tattoo - Dianthus Paint Navy

Germini Paint Mini Blue Tattoo and Dianthus Paint Navy.


Colours can do magic. These flowers are green, but the shades and shapes are extraordinary. Some are blending with brown, others – with shades of yellow or even blue, creating tints of olive and khaki. The fusion of only colours on their own might give an idea that the flower has a velvet texture.

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Dianthus Paint Sepia - Tulp Paint Springfield - Germini Paint Mini Roasted

Dianthus Paint Sepia, Tulp Paint Springfield and Germini Paint Mini Roasted.



Did you think there was only one look to the Tulip? If so, you are missing out! To give your Tulips a new and fresh look, gently flip their tender petals. Be cautious, however, not to damage them. A simple flip of the leaf results in a brand new picture. Enjoy!

OZ Export - Flower Export - VIP Roses - Tulp Paint Brownie - Tulp Paint Springfield

Tulp Paint Brownies and Tulp Paint Springfield



Become a real VIP by placing these trending creations into your shop. To get acquainted with our full assortment, visit or webshop or app!

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