This week we kicked-off the Dutch Lily Days with Your Lily and many floral experts from all over the world. We have seen many new Lilium varieties. The star of the show was the new Your Lily book. A very inspiring book filled with inspirational pictures captured on a Lilium journey through Scotland. Wild coasts, deep green woods, rough waters, red hair, freckles, kilts, bagpipes and even a lovely 103 year old lady. You can find it all in this book.


Just like the last book the themes: Love, Purity, Death and Femininity are represented in the pictures. This year they added the theme ‘To Get Her’, oh… no sorry ‘Together’ to the book. In the back you find the most beautiful wedding pictures where the Liliums show us their romantic side.

Would you like to order this book, please ask your personal vendor for more information. Be quick, they are very popular!

Opening Dutch Lily Days - OZ Export

New Liliums and inspirational designs during the opening of the Dutch Lily Days. Our buyer Colin is holding the new Your Lily book that you can order at OZ Export.

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