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Lisianthus is on the rise. More and more consumers discover the sweet beauty of this flower. That is why in November Lisianthus is our Flower of the Month.


The lisianthus [botanical: Eustoma] is popular for its authentic, natural flower and many colours. In addition, the flower remains beautiful for a long time. The flowers are available in many colours, like in white, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange, bi-color and multicolour. In the Netherlands, single-flowered and double-flowered Lisianthus species are grown and every year some new types arrive on the market. The lovely Lisianthus is a powerful symbol of appreciation, gratitude and charisma. A beautiful gift so, even to show your love. Flowers this season to combine with the Lisianthus are the Hypericum, Rose, Ilex and Ornithogalum.


To empower the promotion for Lisianthus we present, courtesy promotional website, a series of promotional material, like an extensive inspirational brochure and three posters. Click below to download this for commercial use.

OZ Export  |  To Flower The WorldOZ Export  |  To Flower The WorldOZ Export  |  To Flower The WorldOZ Export  |  To Flower The World

For more questions and, of course, your Lisianthus orders please turn to our webshop and/or your vendor at OZ Export.

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