Last Monday you may have received our last regular Flower Flash. OZ Export has developed a new tool to even better inform you live on the availability of novelties and specials. It’s called: OFFER DIRECT!

News-Item-Offer Direct-OZ-Flower-Export
This is the button you see in your e-mail when we have made you a special offer. Click it to go directly to this offer.

News-Item-Offer Direct-OZ-Flower-Export
Order directly from the newly opened screen. That’s all! Easy, isn’t it?

OFFER DIRECT will be sent to you by your own OZ Export vendor. This way you will always receive offers that are personalised for your business. Even better: you can order directly from this offer. Easy and fast. Ask your vendor if you need more information about this.

As a customer of OZ Export you will automatically receive your OFFER DIRECT. If you are not yet a regular buyer at OZ Export please contact us, so we can send you our best offers.

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