Extraordinary look. Gentle texture. Alluring smell. Colourful blossoms. Meet Lathyrus and its grower –


OZ Export - Flower Export - Lathyrus -

We simply couldn’t pass by this cute car filled with Lathyrus by the entrance to the nursery.


We had a chance to visit the nursery of – and it was so much worth it! From the moment you enter this place, you instantly feel the explosion of the wonderful fragrance of these flowers. Not only that – the colours are so bright and enchanting, it makes it impossible to just walk past any of the 25 different varieties (excluding the painted Lathyrus) they offer. Even a simple white Lathyrus is not simple at all. The shades of milky merging with cream – and that, mixed with some blue hues generates a whole new and fascinating specie. No wonder, they are the biggest Lathyrus supplier in the Netherlands, producing approximately six million stems per year! Yes, per year – the grower focuses only on Lathyrus, guaranteeing a yearly supply of blossoms.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Lathyrus -

In the left photo, are Jarek Ewiak, our Lathyrus purchaser Stefan and Rob Hoogeveen enjoying the flowers. In the right photo, is the beautiful colour coalition in the Blue Wedding Lathyrus. 

In fact, has just started with a new technique of growing the flowers – usually the plant has always been cut or tied down, but they decided to let her grow and let it fulfil her potential – the plant can reach the height of 7 meters! This was a great decision, because this way, the plant gives much more flowers than usual.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Lathyrus -

The plants are so tall – it is impossible to reach flowers without standing on something! The view from the top, however, is simply breath taking.


The company constantly experiments and develops different varieties. The newest member on the market is Lathyrus Barcelona. The lilac and burgundy colours are melting together, developing purple shades and a truly unique appearance. This flower definitely lives up to her loud name – Barcelona. As bright as summer, isn’t she?


OZ Export - Flower Export - Lathyrus - - Barcelona

Majestic Barcelona.

LATHYRUS IS A true WEDDIng ‚must have‘

Lathyrus is a very popular flower when it comes to flower arrangements and weddings. Not only because of the fragrance she produces (the redder the flower – the sweeter the smell), but also because of her colour and gentle texture. Of course, the most popular colour is traditional white. However, the wide range of existing pallets allows for endless imagination. There are also blue and pink wedding Lathyrus’. And, of course, Barcelona is also now added to the wedding ‚must have’s‘. Lathyrus is very original and adds an attractive colour pop to any arrangement.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Lathyrus - Pink Wedding - White Wedding - Rose Wedding

Lathyrus Pink Weding, White Wedding and Rose Wedding.

SPECIAL DELIVERY: AVAilable at oz export

When packed, the flowers are directly set into the water with flower food, which prolongs the vase life of the flower by 5 whole days. However, the traditional way of packing is not always the most convenient – especially when this fragile flower is transported to faraway lands. Therefore, the company came up with a new way of packing them in a box. In this case, the stems of the flower are placed in a sack filled with special gel and then placed in the box. In such a way, the flower will not get damaged and will be transported in a much more efficient way.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Lathyrus - - Special Packaging

Just imagine – all these flowers can fit into many little boxes and travel across the world to their final destination.


Did you get inspired by these tall and colourful walls of flowers filled with sweet-scented Lathyrus? By the new Barcelona variety? Or did you get attracted to the special way of transportation? Either case – be fast and check our webshop or app to see the full assortment of!

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