As seen on our Facebook page breeder Dümmen Orange visited OZ Export. They brought all their new Chrysanthemums to us. They have introduced this successful concept last year and exactly a year later they bring their new Chrysanthemum Road Show back to OZ Export. The idea remains the same: In the truck you get a ‘Taste of the Future’. Of course our favourite Chrysanthemums by Dümmen Orange were also presented in the trailer: Bacardi, Celebrate and the complete Prada collection. The new Chrysants in the truck are still nameless and are part of the most recent and promising selection for 2016.

Collage news item Dummen Orange on the road by OZ Export- Flower Export company

Roadshow Dümmen Orange at OZ Export

Our vendors were very enthusiastic and discussed their favourite flowers with Dümmen Orange. Would you like to know more about the new trends for 2016 Chrysanthemums? Please contact your vendor for personal advice and let the pictures inspire you for the new year.

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