Searching for a big bunch of good-looking flowers that will happily bloom for a long time? Search no further! The Aster is full of life and has many branches with flowers creating a floral spectacle in a vase. They are so big and beautiful that with only six varieties of Kwekerij Zijdezicht and six varieties of Kwekerij Zomervlinder our whole Flower Pitch was covered with Asters.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Aster Inspiration - Flower Pitch - Astee Dark Milka

Our Flower Pitch corner filled with joyful Asters and our Aster purchase specialist Dennis holding his favourite: Astee Dark Milka!



The Aster has international roots, because it originates from various regions such as:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America

Initially, there were over 600 varieties of the Aster. During the last century it was reduced to 250 varieties.

There are two colours most common in the Aster family. One is lavender/purple. A perfect match for the Pantone colour of the year: Ultra Violet. Besides this colour, the bright white varieties are also a popular Aster colour. The yellow heart of the snow white Aster shows off the petals even better: the contrast reinforces the colours. As well as, that the sturdy stem supports the large textured hearts with narrow petals.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Aster Inspiration - Aster Overview

The Asters from left to right: 1 Aster White Gypsy, 2 Aster Baby Blue, 3 Aster Flash, 4 Aster Chanel, 5 Aster Linda, 6 Aster Baby Pink, 7 Aster Cassandra, 8 Aster Baby White, 9 Aster Claudia, 10 Aster Dark Milka 11 Aster Monte Cassino and 12 Aster Cassy.



There are many possibilities with the Aster to get you started we came up with three different inspiration concepts with the flowers of Kwekerij Zijdezicht.

#1 Purple bouquet inspiration
Make the Aster really stand out by combing the lavender coloured flowers with some greens. The contrast makes the colours pop and both have no problem looking good for a longer period.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Aster Inspiration - Pantone Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet is the Pantone colour of the year! What do you think of this ultra violet Aster?


#2 Bouquet eye-catchers
Create a dynamic looking eye-catcher by combing several vases to together and placing the flowers on different heights. For this look you barely need any extras, but of course you can go all out by combining the Asters with some other colourful seasonal flowers.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Aster Inspiration - multiple vases

A more simple and extravagant look both creating a playful effect.


#3 Extraordinary shapes
As most vases are round, you can simply go another direction by using a square-shaped vase. The contradiction with the round shapes of the flowers and rectangles of the vase top each other off.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Aster Inspiration - square vases

Use the flower of the Month May (Zantedeschia) to make a floral arrangement in the extraordinary shaped vases.



The Aster will happily bloom for a long time, especially when using the following tips:

  1. Buy the flower at the right stage
  2. Use clean vases and buckets
  3. Use Chrysal flower food
  4. Remove the unnecessary leaves
  5. Cut the stem oblique

Inspired to create your own floral arrangement with these joyful flowers? Check out our webshop or app to see all the varieties of both flower nurseries.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Aster Inspiration - Flower Pitch

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