The perfect wedding, perfect bride, perfect Roses. And ultimate tips on what to do when your favourite wedding Roses are sold out!

That’s it. That’s the moment. The venue is chosen, the food is ordered, and the dress looks magnificent. The most stunning wedding Roses are about to be ordered. You choose the quantity, you add it to the shopping cart, click ‘Order’ and.. They are gone. Your favourite Roses are sold out. What do you do?? Don’t panic. Patience. We will help you!

*Beware that the Roses are grown in a very natural environment and therefore their colour might vary per flower and definitely in real life. For instance, pink can seem slightly orange or orange can be in lighter or darker shades. The suggestions and colours we provide below are generally applicable for the discussed flowers.



OZ Export - Flower Export - Wedding Tips - Austin Juliet - Austin Patience - Austin Keira

Austin Juliet, Austin Patience, Austin Keira.


Juliet is by far the brightest Rose of the three. When it’s open, it has an orange/coral colour, making her a more colourful and less traditional than the original white. It is very summery and adds that stylish colour pop, as living coral is the Pantone Colour of the year 2019. If this gorgeous Rose happens to be sold out, these are the substitutes:

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wedding Tips - Austin Juliet - Austin Edith - Sweet Vuvuleza - Wabara Likuhotalu

#1 Austin Edith. This is a perfect choice for the ones who would like to stick to the Austin family. In this case, it has the most look-alike flower shape.

#2 Sweet Vuvuzela. This choice is the best look-alike when it comes to the colour. But it has, however, a slightly different flower shape.

#3 Wabara Likuhotalu is also very look-alike in the colour, however, it has more orange in it than Edith.


Austin Patience is one of the Parfum Flower Company (PFC) most sold Roses when it comes to weddings. But you might not have enough patience when you find out it’s completely and ultimately sold out. Well, we will give you three alternatives to her. Nothing is irreplaceable.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wedding Tips - Austin Patience - Austin Purity - Yves Piaget Cream - Vitality

#1 Austin Purity. Once again, this variety is the closest one amongst the Austin varieties.

#2 Yves Piaget Cream. The closest colour you can get.

#3 Vitality. This is also a very nice alternative. It is more white than Patience, but comes close to the original tone.


Last but not least, Keira is beautiful light-pink variety. Its light creamy shades and magnificent fragrance make it a perfect choice if you want to slightly deviate from the traditional white. Unfortunately, its popularity also increases the chances of the flower being sold out. So, if you would love to opt for something in light shades, but not white – here are the perfect alternatives for you:

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wedding Tips - Austin Keira - Austin Rosalind - Prince Jardinier - Wabara Tsumugi

#1 Austin Rosalind. Keeps it within the Austin family, making it a good alternative to Keira.

#2 Prince Jardinier. This one has the same gentle soft-pink colour.

#3 Wabara Tsumugi. Wabara is also a light pink variety, which deviates in the shape, but it doesn’t make it any less stunning.


In order to find your perfect colour, you can use specifically designed colour guide for Roses by PFC. It is nearly like shopping for paint, except for the fact that PFC gives a specific Rose suggestion for every colour of your interest.

How can you use it?

  • You can send it as a gift to your customer;
  • You can use it yourself to help your customer;
  • Very useful guide for florists.

You can purchase the colour guide at OZ Export!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wedding Tips - Colour Guide


Don’t panic if your product is sold out. Everything is fixable – go to our webshop or app and save the day. Also, read our article with a link to a free guide on how to take care of Garden Roses or e-mail to get it – you will have the most beautiful wedding!

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