A sweet scent, a soft colour and romantic appearance, those are some of the characteristics of which a wedding flower needs to fulfill. The Lathyrus, also known as Sweet Pea, is a perfect example of all these features.

The Lathyrus comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. To come in the mood for the wedding season we placed several varieties in our Flower Pitch. These colours are perfect to combine into your special wedding bouquet as the tones are soft and smooth.

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Enchanting fun fact: the Lathyrus is not only a wedding favourite but also a royal favourite, as it appears in the fairy tale of Princess and the Pea. Besides this it was also the beloved flower of the previous Dutch Queen Juliana



Originally this flower was only available in Violet and Crimson, yet nowadays it comes in many charming varieties. No wonder why the Lathyrus symbolises kind-heartedness! The most popular varieties are:

  1. Lathyrus Winter Sunshine White
  2. Lathyrus Winter Sunshine Lavendel
  3. Lathyrus Winter Sunshine Pink Dark
  4. Lathyrus Winter Sunshine Mauve
  5. Lathyrus La Romance

Which one is your favourite?

Lathyrus Winter Sunshine White, Lathyrus Winter Sunshine Lavendel, Lathyrus Winter Sunshine Pink Dark, Lathyrus Winter Sunshine Mauve, Lathyrus La Romance



Last week we visited to check out this season’s Lathyrus. Thanks to the cooperation with Lathyrus flower nursery we have expanded deadlines for receiving the flowers. So if you make up your mind about buying this cute flower, it will most likely not be a problem to order these flowers later during the day.

Soon it will be possible to order 5 cups with 20 branches of Lathyrus in them. This is a unique supply offer we provide to our clients. This amount is perfect to combine different varieties together. Ask your account manager for the details.

In total has 25 varieties of which bright, soft of multi-coloured Lathyrus. The nursery also has a ‘wedding’- line which makes their assortment very broad and complete. These pastel colours are especially produced for the wedding season and are a real must-have.

Interested in more of our flower nursery visits? Check out our visit to Celosia flower nursery Feiko Sonneveld here.

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Fill your store with the LOVELY lathyrus FRAGRANCE

Draw the attention of your customers to your counter with the lovesome Lathyrus. It’s not only perfect for weddings, but can also stand out in your store. Mix some flowers and putting them in a nice small vase and place them on the counter. No doubt your customers won’t miss out on this one! Go to our webshop or app to see all varieties we have.


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