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Last week Waalzicht just opened their brand new greenhouse facilities and we were invited. Not only to see their vast fields of Chrysants, but also their new assortment of Lisianthus.

The Chinese have a saying: If you would be happy for a lifetime, grow Chrysanthemums. Exactly this has been Waalzicht’s mantra for the many years of their existence, and probably the reason for their professionalism and steady growth. Do not worry: this will not change, Waalzicht/Chrywijk will still be one of your favourite suppliers in disbudded Chrysants like Antonov, Anastasia and Resomee Dark.

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Our Chrysant buyer Henk Jan Stolker and Jan van Wijk do business for many years already.


Owner Jan van Wijk invited us last week to proudly present his new state of art greenhouses, covering an area of eight and a half hectares. In this greenhouse he reserved 1,4 hectare for several Lisianthus varieties. The idea behind this addition to his Chrysant assortment is the desire to do and learn new things. Jan van Wijk simply cannot sit still. Even when walking about his fields he is always busy, passionate as ever about his crop, his company, his thirty employees and his family.

OZ Export  |  To Flower The World
Checking the quality of the Premium Collection.

Waalzicht is not just growing Lisianthus, they want to improve the product line as a whole by growing it ‘the Chrysant way’. What this exactly means is quickly visible looking at the flower beds. The flowers are widely spread, getting more soil and nutrition. This gives heavier flowers with fuller blooms. We have checked the result ourselves by lifting several bunches from the already cut ‘Premium Collection’. The stems are actually too big to be put with fifty in a bucket. That is why Waalzicht suggests to deliver them by forty stems.

Waalzicht has become swiftly a real asset to the market for Lisianthus, with a nice assortment of Arena, Adom and Croma varieties. Check with your vendor at OZ Export how to get your hands on these heavy Lisianthus.

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