Vanda Orchid is a jewel among the flowers. With the introduction of the Living Jewel Concept in 2013, the flower can be worn as a real jewel too.

Once more, Vanda makes the difference. Recently the Living Jewel collection expanded to include the Vanda Sticks! The short stems of the Vanda flowers are enlarged by a 56 cm stick, so they can now be used far more easy in all kinds of bouquets. This is a true innovation permitting this luxurious and fashionable flower to be used for more floral arrangements than ever before.


The principle is simple. You take a Vanda flower and put the short stem into the water-tube-on-a-stick. The stick is 56 cm long, so this enlarges the flower stem well enough to be used in floral arrangement. The self-attaching water tubes on sticks is history with this ready made Vanda Sticks. They are supplied in a neutral green colour. Being an eyecatcher on its own the Vanda will definitely give the bouquet a huge boost and added value.

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The 56 cm Vanda Sticks go with a box of 12 Vanda flowers and are also sold separately in boxes of 300 sticks

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Vanda’s as available per box in our webshop


Its excellent durability and striking beautiful colours ensure that your customer will be more than satisfied. But that’s not enough to be successful. What you also want is a strong and long lasting flower, and that is another great feature of Vanda. Just follow a few simple rules and you will optimally enjoy this exotic flower.

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Just a few examples of Vanda Stick uses



No more damage by the cold at Vanda flowers? Then pay attention to the correct temperature and prevent large temperature fluctuations over a short period.
1. Transport and store the flowers at temperatures of 12°-16° Celsius.
2. With transport and storage at temperatures lower than 12° Celsius pack the boxes in aluminium insulation bags and do not place the boxes high in the truck or close to the truck’s cooling unit.
3. Transport the Vanda flowers preferably in a plant vehicle, where you do not need extra packaging.
4. Prevent the flowers from getting exposed to large temperature differences over a short period.
5. Also advise your florist not to place Vanda flowers in cold storage.
6. When transported by air opt for 16/20 branches in a dense V634 box containing blankets both at the top and underneath the flowers. Subsequently place two boxes in an aluminium bag. Experiences by exporters indicate that this reduces the number of cold damage incidents significantly.
7. Wilted branches feel fresh again if you put the entire branch with flowers overnight in (lukewarm) water. The flowers will flourish again and this also enhances its sustainability.
8. You can process both the complete branch as well as the loose flowers into decorations. However, the Vanda will get more attention as a single flower. Always place the loose flower in a flower tube, like a Vanda Stick in order to process it. Refilling is no longer necessary; the flower consumes very little water.
9. It is recommended to put the flowers in (lukewarm) water for a few hours to extend the vase life of the flower, even when processing into arrangements.
10. Vanda is an exception to other flowers, since they do not wither under the influence of ethylene. Botrytis also does not occur in Vanda flowers.
Do you have any tips or solutions, in particular for the prevention of damage by the cold, and then we would, of course,

If you follow the 10 tips above your flowers will remain a top product right up to the point of sale and beyond.

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YouTube film of Anco Vanda, published in November 2014

For any questions about your possibilities with Vandas by Anco we kindly ask you to contact your vendor at OZ Export.

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