A bursting colour palette and graceful petals, the Iris comes in trendy colours. As more flowers are becoming available on the market again, we organised a little Iris show ourselves at OZ Export in the Flower Pitch Corner.

OZ Export - Flower Export -Iris - Flower Pitch - Iris Casablanca



Named after the rainbow goddess, the Iris is known for her stunning colour palette and delicate aesthetic. The Iris has three petals which open completely so you can see deep into her heart.

Did you know that the Iris is the inspiration of ‘Fleur de Lis’? This is France’s national emblem! The Iris represents three important entities:

  • Faith
  • Valour
  • Wisdom



The most famous colour of the Iris is blue. She fits in perfectly with any summer bouquet. Do you like white, purple or yellow more? No problem! The Iris is available in many colours.

Gracefully the sword-shaped petals will open up one by one. Three of the petals will alternatively stay straight and meet at the top. In total there are six petals, because the other three will hang nicely. Some Irises are a little different because there are varieties that have more than six petals. When the flower completely opens up so you can look straight into her heart.

Design tip: Contrast the sword-like leaves of the Iris with some delicate foliage for a charming and textured look to complete your bouquet.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Iris - Iris Casablanca - Iris Apollo

On the left you can see Iris Apollo and on the right you see Iris Casablanca entirely flourished. 


Pick up on the Pantone colour of the year Ultra Violet. The Iris is also available in purple shades. Ultra Violet is a dark and intriguing colour which combines well with a stylish bouquet. Which flower embraces these aspects better than the Iris? That’s right! Her almost extraordinary appearance makes even more impression in this colour.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Iris - Iris Magic Blue - Ultra Violet Pantone Colour of the year

Iris Magic Blue has such an exceptional colour that can either be identified as blue or purple, just like the Pantone colour Ultra Violet.


CNB Iris week

In June it was time for the CNB Irisweek! During this week plenty of new exclusive Irises were presented at the show. Out of all the rare varieties, two novelty Irises were awarded. The price for best small bulb Iris went to Tigereye by Maveridge International B.V. and the most excellent big bulb Iris award went to Claire’s Delight by Iris Nova. The ultimate price an Iris could win during this show, is the golden medal. This year the medal was given to Tigereye as well! Due to her beautiful colour contrast and high quality. Please note that these are novelty Irises and not available on the market yet.

Besides the CNB Irisweek, they also organised a Liliumshow in June. Check out our visit to this show and click here.



On the left you can see award winner Iris Claire’s Delight and on the right you can see medalist Tigereye.


Open your heart for the Iris and look straight in to hers! Check out our webshop or app and order your favourite.

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