Breathtaking venue, beautiful bride, stylish dress. What type of flowers do you choose? Deviate from classic to classy – use spray Roses!

Would you like to have a classic setting at your customer’s wedding, but with a slight deviation? Opt for the spray Roses! These are just as classicly beautiful as the regular Roses, but with a twist. Due to the amount of flowers on one stem, spray Roses look much more volumous. In this article, we would like to present you our top 10 spray Roses for such a special occasion.



What is it that you desire?


Do you desire a wedding in a classic spotless white palette? In this case, these are our suggestions:

  • Rosa Spray Bridal Flow. A beautiful scented variety by Voorn Roses. Her name says it all – a perfect choice for a wedding!
  • Rosa Spray Victorian White. This beautiful Rose by VIP Roses is white with cream shades. Despite the fact that it is not as white as snow, her shades are purely magnificent.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Top 10 Wedding Spray Roses - Voorn - VIP Roses - Bridal Flow - Victorian White


Still remaining light and gentle, creamy peach pastel is becoming more and more popular. Adding peach shades into the créme makes up for a beautiful dynamic appearance. This soft colour is very elegant, yet, subtle. It creates a gorgeous combination with every colour it is combined with – be it white, burgundy or even deep blue. Experiment! Here are some suggestions:

  • Rosa Spray Justine. This beautiful Rose is a seasonal product by Voorn Roses. Its colour is not purely creamy, but rather a little bit peachy. Gorgeous!
  • Rosa Spray Royal Porcelina. Available at Voorn Roses, the Rose comes in crème/light pink colour. This twist in the shades makes this flower impossible not to include into our list.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Top 10 Wedding Spray Roses - Voorn - Justine - Royal Porcelina


  • Rosa Spray Jana. Gorgeous Jana is available at both – Semp and Koene Opstal Trosrozen. She is the closest to pure cream colour in our suggestions.
  • Rosa Spray Sweet 4-Tune. 4-Tune or.. Fortune? This sweet crème/light-pink Rose is great for such fortunate event like a wedding! By Koene Opstal Trosrozen.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Top 10 Wedding Spray Roses - Koene Opstal Trosrozen - Jana - Sweet 4-Tune


Pink is an incredibly romantic colour – why not use it for a wedding? What occasion can be even more romantic? These are some of the options you can use in your wedding arrangements:

  • Rosa Spray Aerobic. Aerobic by Voorn looks as fresh as it sounds! This fresh and lively pink colour would look especially stunning if combined with green and/or white!
  • Rosa Spray Mansfield ParkVery popular Rose by VIP Roses. This Garden Rose grows into rather large blossoms, especially for a spray Rose. The fragrance is absolutely delicious too!


OZ Export - Flower Export - Top 10 Wedding Spray Roses - Voorn - Voorn - VIP Roses - Aerobic - Mansfield Park


  • Rosa Spray Sweet Avalanche Spray. Do you love Sweet Avalanche, but still want to go for a spray Rose on your wedding? VIP Roses offer Sweet Avalanche as a spray variety, so what are you waiting for?!
  • Rosa Spray Sweet Flow. Another suggestion available at Voorn. The colour of Sweet Flow is a slight mixture between light pink and cream, however, is closer to pink. These volumous flowers are incredibly enchanting.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Top 10 Wedding Spray Roses - Voorn - Voorn - VIP Roses - Sweet Avalanche Spray - Sweet Flow


Did we spark your interest with our suggestions? Did you already pick your favourite spray Rose or are you still in doubt? Go to our webshop or app to purchase it directly or browse through other spray varieties!

*Please be aware that these products are very exlusive and therefore are not available in high quantities. Do not worry, however. If you cannot get the product at the moment, please contact your Sales Representative.

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