Anyone who falls for the charms of the Peony [botanical name: Paeonia] is in luck: there are more than a thousand varieties available in all sorts of shapes and colours! They come with a single row of petals, with semi-double or double flowers. There is also abundant choice in terms of colours: the romantic Peony comes in pale yellow, romantic white, candy pink or dark red. Not only the colours are amazing; the fragrance of the Peony is beautifully sweet!

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Photography by Pure Seasonal Flowers.



Tell your customers about the Peony’s symbolism, and he or she will go home with a big bundle of positivity. These cheerful bloomers represent opulence, abundance, love, happiness and health. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

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Photography by the Flower Council.


Tuesday 10 May 2016 the Peony season kicked-off at the My-Peony farm in North-Holland. Our flower experts were invited by the grower to take a look at the Peony production process. My-Peony grows Dutch Peonies and processes imported Peonies. Here and there the Dutch Peonies come to bloom which marks the start of the summer flower season. These lush flowers bloom during the bridal season and just in time, because this beautiful flower is a wedding favourite!

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Photography by Pure Seasonal Flowers.

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