From week 39 to week 42 we focus on the warm and colourful Chrysanthemum! You and your customers will find information about the wide colour palette and the many possibilities in this inspirational news item. Introduce your customers to this fabulous bloomer. With the Chrysant Autumn has arrived!

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Photo credits: Flower Council

Chrysanthemums represent health and happiness, this makes them a stylish and appropriate symbolic birthday present. Your customers will love them not only for their symbolism, but also for their versatility. At OZ Export we have a the widest choice of different Chrysanthemums every day in our webshop.

Colours & Shapes

The Chrysanthemum’s name derives from the Greek: chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower). The flower’s original colour was gold, but now there is a very wide colour range. You can choose from almost every colour; purple, yellow, pink, green, white, orange, red, brown and we even have dyed Chrysanthemums. As well as choosing the right colour, you also need to choose between the different varieties: spray, disbudded and Santini Chrysanthemums. If that wasn’t choice enough, there are also many different flower shapes: from single to double flowered and from spider to pom-pom shaped.

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Photo credits: Flower Council


Chrysanthemums like making friends. They are easy to combine with other fabulous flowers such as Roses and Anthuriums to create a cheerful and extravagant bouquet. You can make the overall effect more robust by placing it in a rugged pot. Show your customers how versatile this flower is!

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Photo credits: Flower Council.


Enjoy your Chrysanthemums for at least 2 to 3 weeks with the following tips.
• Select a clean vase and fill it with tap water at room temperature.
• Add cut flower food to the water for a longer vase life.
• Cut or trim the Chrysanthemums’ stems diagonally by 3 to 5 cm with a sharp and clean knife or secateurs.
• Make sure there are no leaves hanging in the water.
• Do not place Chrysanthemums in a draught, in full sun or near central heating.
• Regularly top the vase up with tap water.
• Don’t place Chrysanthemums near a fruit bowl. Fruit emits ethylene gas which will cause the flowers to age more rapidly.


Serenity is a fun spray Chrysanthemum by top quality breeder Deliflor. She really stands out because of her beautifully striped pattern. Try now and distinguish yourself with this exclusive flower! Serenity is only available at OZ Export!

OZ Export - Flower Export - news - chrysanthemum - serenity

Chrysanthemum tr. Serenity by Deliflor.


From week 39 to week 42 the Chrysanthemum is in the spotlight of the Flower Agenda. Inspirational images have been produced for all the flowers in the Flower Agenda by keeping in mind the Horticulture Sector Trends 2016. These trends are a translation of the latest consumer trends focused specifically on the horticultural sector both indoors and outdoors.

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Funny how flowers do that
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