Spring trends 2017: MIX FASHION WITH FLOWERS

This weekend the clock will go an hour forward, meaning it is officially Spring. What better way to celebrate Spring then with a beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers on the table? They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy flowers and that’s almost the same thing!


Photography credits: Flower Council


One of the most fun fashion trends at this moment is floral print. Dresses, t-shirts, jackets, shoes and other clothing with floral embellishments is what fills the fashionista’s closets right now. Colourful prints, bright colours and flowy fabrics almost instantly give you a Spring feeling. Floral fashion is the trend of 2017!


Photography credits: Online fashion and design blog Patternbank.com


The current floral trends have a great Asian influence. While Asia used to look to what Western countries did, today, Western countries are more focused on everything what happens in Asia. Next to the long-lasting trend Scandinavian minimalism, we now see century’s old refined traditions back in fashion.

In Japan there is a tradition in which people will look at the beauty of flowers, in particular the ‘Sakura’ Cherry Blossom, during a ‘hanami’ open-air pick nick. Of course this ‘hanami’ takes place under the Cherry tree.


Photography credits: Flower Council


Another 2017 Spring trend is pink. Pink clothes, pink bags, pink shoes, everywhere you look there is pink. No wonder, because pink is the colour which is the most associated with charm, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness and romance. It is what we see a lot in wedding bouquets, from baby pink to bright pink, and combined with white and green.

During the Spring season we can enjoy the pink Ranunculus, Tulips but also flowers like the Leucocoryne. In the summer this trend will go on with Peonies, Spray Roses and Hydrangeas in all different shades of pink. Combine them with orange, red or purple flowers. Oh, and don’t be afraid to use these colours for that vivid Urban Fever-feeling!


Pink wedding trend by Rock & Flowers, Pink fashion trend by Couture courier and Urban floral trend by One Wed.

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