It is the start of the Dutch Celosia Season! To celebrate this, we placed a colourful Celosia collection in our Flower Pitch this week. Celosias represent boldness and have an extraordinary shape. A perfect way to encourage someone, is to surprise them with a Celosia gift! In this news blog we will show pictures of our trip to Feiko Sonneveld Quality Celosia and give you a few care tips.

OZ Export - Flower Export, Flower Pitch with Celosia by Feiko Sonneveld



When visiting the flower nursery you will not only be overloaded with a celebration of Celosias, they are also one of the few Celosia growers in the Netherlands. Feiko Sonneveld focuses on sustainability and is the only grower who uses biological pesticide.

Due to our great collaboration we are able to receive the flowers directly from the grower every week. To make sure you are always able to buy your fresh and favourite Celosia.


At OZ Export we offer you the newest en brightest Celosias

Also through this partnership you are able to receive the limited Celosia Supers. We will let you know when they are back in stock! As well as the new colour, which will be announced soon!

OZ Export - Flower Export, Flower Pitch with Celosia by Feiko Sonneveld


five Celosia varieties in OUR FLOWER WEBSHOP

The Celosia is famous for her distinctive shapes and bright colours. Her most remarkable shape is her charming comb. Her squiggly shape and the flowing curves, makes every flower unique. The five varieties which are available, are the following:

  1. Youthful yellow – Celosia Act Inca
  2. Outstanding orange – Celosia Act Zara
  3. Playful pink – Celosia Act Rima
  4. Gracious green – Celosia Act Verda
  5. Radiant red – Celosia Act Dara

OZ Export - Flower Export, Flower Pitch with Celosia by Feiko Sonneveld, Celosia Flower map



When taking care of the Celosia there are two very important things to keep in mind. Unlike many other flowers the Celosia drinks a lot of water and the leaves are crucial to empower it. Only take of the leaves when planning to use the flower, for example in your bouquet otherwise they will turn yellowish and old.

Buy you Celosia now and celebrate the new season with us! Check out our webshop and app to see our current stock.


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