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With this trend we are going back to basic and back to nature. A lot of amazing flowers have lost their smell, because they had a bad reputation based on vase life. This is not a problem we have a lot of high quality flowers with scent and a great vase life! Ask you floral professional at OZ Export for information about the different varieties.


Together with our specialist buyers we have made a list of the best looking and smelling flowers out there:

  • Rosa Norma Jeane
    This sweet smelling Rose is named after the actress Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn’s original name is Norma Jeane Mortenson. The Norma Jeane Rose by grown by Dutch grower van der Hulst. She is strong and her superb large head filled with lots and lots of petals make her perfect for weddings or other special occasions.
    Do you know there is a floral shop in Paris that sells Rosa Norma Jeane and they never and I mean… never sell the last stem of Norma Jeane. If they do the lovely smell of this special Rose will leave the shop and that fragrance is so important for the shop’s image!
  • Rosa White Charming
    An amazing white Rose from a Dutch grower named: Wim van Kampen. Pure white with a romantic fragrance that will fill up a room with love. No wonder she is called White Charming! We know she will concur your heart just as she did with ours.
  • Rosa White O’Hara
    The premium scented garden Rose White O’hara by the Parfum Flower Company is a large French white Rose, with a slight ivory tinge at the centre, that opens up fully in a quartered way. She is hardy to ship and her vase life is extraordinary. White O’hara would be perfect to use in bouquets or centrepieces for a romantic garden wedding or mix with pinks for a charming bridal or baby shower.
OZ Export - Flower export-white fragrance flowers

White scented Rose bouquet with Peonies by stylemepretty.com | White Syringa and Rose Norma Jeane by florist Nikki Tibbles’ London based Wild at Heart | Norma Jeane mono bridal bouquet.

But Roses are not the only flowers who smell really nice! A lot of summer flowers still have that unique fragrance:

  • Polianthes Tuberosa (Tuberose)
    The Tuberose has the perfume industry under her spell. It is very common to use her in perfumed products, they use it for hundreds of years. Her innocently white and elegant trumpet shape add a lot of flair to your flower arrangement. So if you are a fan of perfumes then this is perfect for you!
  • White Matthiola
    The Matthiola represents a joyful and exciting Spring. The refined flower eagerly welcomes Spring with greyish/greenish leaves, stuffed flower clusters and sweet but spicy fragrance.
  • Convallaria Majalis (Lily of the Valley)
    Another perfume lover favourite! This small flower has stolen many hearts. She is especially popular in France because of Labor Day. This day you give a bouquet with this flower to a good friend as a token of appreciation and symbolizes spring.
OZ Export - Flower export-white fragrance flowers 2

The lovely white Matthiola in a French styled jar | Polianthes Tuberosa in the field | A little Convallaria Majalis bouquet.

  • Rose Lily Double White
    And of course we have the famous Lilium. This is a scented flower which is lknown for its fragrance. The Oriental Lilies have a very strong scent while the Asian and LA Lilies don’t have any scent. We have found the perfect in between solution: Rose Lily Double White. She has that delicate fragrance you will love! Her appearance is just as striking.
  • Narcissus White Paper and the White Hyacinthus
    These two are for the real fragrance lovers. Do you like the strong smelling Lilies and strong perfumes? Then this is for you! The two bulb flowers have a strong but amazing fragrance.
OZ Export - Flower export-white fragrance flowers 4

White Hyacinth bridal bouquet by stylemepretty.com | White Paper Narcissus by Colin Cowie Weddings | Fragrant bridal bouquet by Vale and Vine.

  • Lathyrus
    Lathyrus odoratus (Sweet Pea) is a charming flower with an old fashioned, sweet perfume. She teases the nose but in a pleasant way. Her fragrance is at its best in a warm living room during the Spring and Summer season.
  • White Peonies
    Last but not least! The white Peonies are truly memorising. Such a small bud can open up in a really big flower explosion. Great for the wedding season, bouquets and floral arrangements. But why not just put a mono bouquet of Peonies in a vase to let her steal the show on her own.
  • White Syringa (lilac)
    If you smell the white Syringa you will dream away into magic gardens filled with Syringa branches and flowers. The best time to experience the smell of this flower is in the evening after a warm day. Just inhale the magnificent fragrance and relax.
OZ Export - Flower export-white fragrance flowers 3

White bouquet filled with fragrant flowers like Syringa, Matthiola, Roses by Moyses Flowers | Simple Peony bouquet by Brides.com | A beautiful bridal bouquet with white Lathyrus.

Enjoy the pureness of the white fragrance flowers in your home or in your shop. Order your favourites in our webshop, app or contact your vendor.

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