OZ Export presents the Bubblegum! promo!

Bubblegum! won second place in the category ‘Rose Exclusive’ at Keukenhof during the Rose Show. She was the highest placed single big Rose within this category.

Bubblegum - SBS6 Robs grote tuinverbouwing - Keukenhof

Pictures of the Dutch gardening TV show ‘Rob’s grote tuinbverbouwing’ at SBS6.

Bubblegum! is a high quality Rose with a really pretty colour. She is fuchsia with a coral pink heart. Because of the challenging cultivation she needs a lot of manual labour. The skill of the grower PureRoses takes the Rose to the next level. Bubblegum! has made a great start, she is loved by florists in the bridal business and made an appearance in a Dutch TV show.


Proud growers of PureRoses with Bubblegum! in the greenhouse.

Right now she is available three days in a week. The grower already expanded their produce and next week Bubblegum! will become available five days per week. To celebrate the expansion we have a special Bubblegum! Promo, exclusively for OZ Export customers! Check out our Specials list in our webshop or ask your vendor for more information.


PureRoses is growing Roses organically and is a sustainable company. They have a MPS-A certification.

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