Thursday 5 April we were honoured to be present during Europe’s biggest Orchid and Anthurium show at the Keukenhof.

Keukenhof Orchids and Anthurium Show 2018 by OZ Export



Famous Dutch fashion designer Ronald Kolk and Master Florist Dries Lecke work together for many years. Kolk designed the haute-couture collection for the show and Lecke used flowers to complement these amazing outfits.


The meet & greet with the growers kicked-off with a warm welcome by Henk de Mooij (Keukenhof) and a speech by Ronald Kolk. In January Kolk and Lecke started building the show and just an hour before opening it was ready. Kolk’s red jacket matched the show perfectly. Red gowns, flowers and a lot of love and romace made the show very inspiring. The little details of the designs are breathtaking. Kolk used the colour red as the foundation of his presentation. Red represents: life, power, passion and romance.

The miracle called: flowers, has been a great inspiration for the fashion designer. Shapes, colours and scent. Flowers are the perfect respresentation of love and life! Normally Kolk’s designs were inspired by the Orchids but this year he loved to work with the red Anthuriums. The dresses and flowers are united into true fashion statements. But, this was not the first time that the Anthuriums are the muse of the fashion designer. In 2017 Kolk used the Anthurium for his exclusive haute-couture fashion show.

Flowers are a fashion must-have!

Keukenhof Orchids and Anthurium Show 2018 by OZ Export


The theme: Romance was visible in the floral designs. Big hearts and romantic nooks and of course lots and lots of different Orchids!

Lecke used more than 5000 cut flowers and plants in the designs and we can honestly say it is a very impressive show! If you are going to visit Keukenhof, we can really recommend a visit to the indoor pavilion: ‘Beatrix Paviljoen’.

Keukenhof Orchids and Anthurium Show 2018 by OZ Export

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