Last month of spring is finally starting, giving a strong head start to the long-awaited summer. No wonder, Peony is the flower of the month May – it radiates warmth and happiness with its fragrance and looks. Peony. My Peony.




Apart from being the market leader in Netherlands when it comes to Peonies, My Peony is a whole society of growers, supplying high quality Peonies. Their aim is to provide the product to the customer all year round, while maintaining the same, stable, quality throughout the season – therefore, there are so many growers involved in the production. The season usually starts with Israeli Peonies, followed by Italian and French, Dutch and ending with Chilean and New Zeeland’s.

My Peony Society constantly ensures the quality of flowers they provide to the market by visiting all the growers involved in the supply process. For instance, very recently, our Peony purchaser Colin travelled together with the organization to Italy to check the volume of the flowers at the start of the season.


OZ Export - Flower Export - My Peony Society

Some nice pictures from our visit to the Italian Peony growers.


My Peony is a very progressive and innovative company – they are constantly trying to find and bring new varieties to the market. Not only that – we already mentioned the high quality, however, they are working on maturity stages as well – they aim to bring all the flowers to blossom. This, however, is just a developing process for now, but My Peony is definitely making progress in this area!


OZ Export - Flower Export - My Peony Society - Duchesse de Nemours - Command Performance

Zephyr-like Duchesse De Nemours and Command Performance.


Above all, My Peony hosted their grand opening! They have just moved to their new building – and we are happy, as they are now also very close to our office. The opening was breathtaking in all senses – the venue was filled up with charming Peonies producing an unforgettable fragrance. May this be a grand and fruitful change for them!


OZ Export - Flower Export - My Peony Society - Grand Opening

Mitta and our Peony purchaser Colin enjoying colourful arrangements.


inspiration for your PEONY WEDDING

When to go ‘all in’ if not at your own wedding? These volumous flowers can comprise a stunning composition if incorporated into wedding arrangements. Can you imagine a room full of Peonies? Flower walls, flower petals everywhere? Stunning picture. This would feel like a real fairy-tale wedding. Probably, the kind of wedding any little girl has ever dreamt of. Actually, My Peony is able to fulfil such desire! As a matter of fact, they already did. 7Flowers – one of our customers – decided to take this idea to the fullest and organize such wedding. This project might seem a bit crazy at first, but the result was most definitely worth all the effort!

Moreover, using the Pantone colour of 2019 – living coral – made the atmosphere not only incredibly magical and full of love, but also trendy and fashionable.


OZ Export - Flower Export - My Peony Society - Wedding - 7Flowers

OZ Export - Flower Export - My Peony Society - Wedding - 7Flowers

peony CARE TIPS by the peony experts

It’s always nice to get tips from someone experienced, right? And, as My Peony Society comprises of not only growers, but also traders, stylists and florists, their care tips might come in very handy! Here are a couple of very useful solutions when it comes to Peony’s vase life.

  • It is better to avoid buying raw Peonies, as, in many cases, they do not have enough energy to open up. In fact, they also have shorter vase life than the Peonies, which were cut at a later maturity stage. You should check the buds of the flower – the softer the bud is and the more colour it shows, the higher the blooming guarantee.
  • If the flower does not bloom in the vase, there is a way to help it. Cut the stem once again, place the flower into luke-warm water and add a scoop of sugar. This increases the chance of the flower opening up.

Did you know? Peonies like Coral Sunset, Command Performance or Coral Charm (among others) change their colour. It is not just magic, but also science – interestingly, when the flowers are at their brightest colour, they are the most fertile and have the strongest scent. Eventually, the colour starts fading or even changing, as the flower spends too much energy and life during the fertility period.

OZ Export - Flower Export - My Peony Society - Coral Sunset - Coral Charm - Command Performance

Coral Sunset, Command Performance, Coral Charm.


Did you get inspired by countless Peonies at the wedding venue? Or by their amazing colours? Either case, make sure to check the full assortment of My Peony in our webshop or app. Perhaps, your Peony wedding will be the next!

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