The Holiday Season is coming! And This week we will focus more on seasonal winter flowers. We will start with the magical Helleborus. Why we call it magical? It is one of the few flowers that naturally flourish in the winter.

The Helleborus is a member of the Ranunculaceae family. The name Helleborus comes from the word “elleborum”. Elleborum means ‘luck’ or ‘cure’. In the old days the flower’s roots were used for medicinal purposes. If you give someone a Helleborus you wish them much luck.

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The white Helleborus is also called Christmas Rose. And has its own myth. The myth is that all the flowers briefly awakened from their winter sleep when Jesus was born. Only the Christmas Rose forgot to go back to sleep and has, since then, flowered every winter to announce Christmas.


Even though most seasonal flowers are available year-round, the Helleborus is available from Mid-November to the end of April. It is very important for the Helleborus to be properly ripe. Cut a bit off the stem and put them in clean water with flower food. The Helleborus loves cool places and not too much sunlight.

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A gorgeous Helleborus arrangement with wood and Lilies.

OZ Export has a very wide range of seasonal flowers and of course you can find the Helleborus in our Webshop. Do you want to know more about the Helleborus please ask your vendor.

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