Christmas is almost here! We have the perfect traditional Christmas Flower for you! No other flower says ‘Merry Christmas’ like the beautiful Poinsettia. Usually the Poinsettia is used as a houseplant. But at OZ Export we sell the Poinsettia [Euphorbia Pulcherrima] Harlequin Red from nursery De Bonfut as a cut flower.

Flower Export News Item Harlequin Red

Harlequin Red

The Harlequin Red reminds you of a harlequin character with his hanging, deep red leaves. Not an everyday appearance, so therefore he deserves a place in your home! The flower loves a light place, but please do not place it in direct sunlight. Make sure you refresh the water in time and you can put some flower food in it. Watch out for the leaves! They do not like water, they could get stains if you pour water on them. If you take good care of your flower he will last very long. The flower nursery even ensures a vase life of three weeks at least!!

Flower Export News Item Harlequin Red

Colour changing Flower

The Poinsettia is best known for its Christmas Red and Green colour. The colours of the leaves are created through photoperiodism. This means that they need twelve hours of darkness for a least five days in a row. After that process, the plant requires a lot of light during the day for the brightest colour.

Fun Poinsettia Facts

The Poinsettia Plants were first discovered in Mexico and Central America. Here the plant grows in the wild and at first the plant was considered a weed. The flower was named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American botanist, when he introduced the Poinsettia from Mexico to the United States.

Do you know this Mexican flower has its own name day? December 12th is Poinsettia Day. The date marks the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett. Today the plant is known in Mexico and Guatemala as ‘La Flor de la Nochebuena’ (Flower of the Holy Night, or Christmas Eve). In Mexico, the Poinsettia is displayed in celebration of the ‘Dia de la Virgen’, which is also coincidentally, December 12th.

Another fun fact about the Poinsettia: In Spain the Poinsettia has a different Holiday attribution. It is known there as ‘Flor de Pascua’, meaning ‘Easter flower’.

Flower Export News Item Harlequin Red

We are sure this red beauty has stolen you heart, just like ours. Please take a look in our practical webshop. Of course you can also contact your vendor for more information. Make sure you order this exclusive flower this week or the next. Week 51 is the last week the flower is available.

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