Now that Valentine’s Day has successfully passed us by, we are actively preparing for the upcoming International Women’s Day! The season is in full swing and our warehouse is stocked up to the roof with flowers! This is one of the biggest days of the year for us and we want to give you some insights, tips and tricks!


Shortly about the origin of this gentle celebration – actually, there are many different versions dating back to the last century. Ranging from political to social and economical, favouring hardworking women, or even tie the celebration to the ‘ancient’ professions – they all have one thing in common. We are celebrating women from all over the world, no matter their profession or their origin!

For a long time, the 8th of March is officially recognised as International Women’s Day. However, it is much more celebrated in Eastern Europe – for instance, in Russia it is a national holiday. Western Europe is not as big on celebrating it, but a pretty bouquet of flowers for your favourite ladies will always be appreciated!


OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day


Giving someone flowers is a special feeling, which makes the giver and the receiver very happy. Of course, many people will get flowers for Women’s Day – so which flowers should you definitely stock up with?? The two most popular answers would be radiating spring Tulips and bright Chrysanthemums!


There are so many colours and varieties of Tulips – different shapes, different lengths – you cannot lose by stocking up with them!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day - Tulip - Tulipa - Antarctica Flame - Parrot Prince - Marvel Parrot

Antarctica Flame, Parrot Prince, Marvel Parrot.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day - Tulip - Tulipa - Double Twist - Crown of Destiny - Antarctica

Double Twist, Crown of Dynasty, Antarctica. 


Same as Tulips, these beauties come in countless colours, sizes and shapes! Painted Chrysanthemums allow for even more room for creativity! But let’s focus on the incredible assortment size here!


OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day - Chrysanthemum - Ksenia - Vienna Pink - Momoko

Ksenia, Vienna Pink, Momoko.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day - Chrysanthemum - Baltica Salmon - Saba - Grand Pink

Baltica Salmon, Saba, Grand Pink.


It’s always a good idea to also have other flowers, which can be popular during this special day due to their gentle looks and soft colours. Let us give you a couple of examples!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day - Syringa - Anemone

Syringa, Anemone.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day - Helleborus - Hyacinth

Helleborus, Hyacinth.


For us the Women’s Day is incredibly busy – everything should run smoothly, organized and with a lot of attention. We always strive to provide our customers with the highest quality flowers. This is the time that our cold storage is very full, we have a lot of extra work places, extra quality control and everyone is working together – be that a cart bulder, purchaser or a sales representative. OZ is a team, but even more so throughout such busy periods!


OZ Export - Flower Export - Women's Day - Logistics


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