This week three Dutch Flower Group import companies had a Meet & Greet. This is always a good moment to check upon the assortment.

Many buyers have connections with OZ Import, Green Connect and Rose Connect. Not just because they are our sister companies within Dutch Flower Group or because they are connected to our webshop’s Grower Direct section, but also because these companies are constantly aiming to bring beautiful products from all over the world to you.

OZ Import - 01
Next to the buyers also many OZ Export vendors visited the Meet & Greet. Amongst them our Italian vendor Mariangela.

During the mini-exhibition Green Connect, Rose Connect and OZ Import turned into a booth with beautiful flower arrangements from many different producers. Over 250 visitors showed up to experience the beautiful and high quality assortment that is available this season. This type of interaction definitely leads to a closer cooperation and better understanding of opportunities.

OZ Import - 04
From left to right: Aster Mix | Ornithogalum Painted.

OZ Import - 02
Nice novelty from Serbian grower Stokman: Rosehip Shakira’s Hips.

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