The time has come to re-introduce you to our breeder and grower – Holstein Flowers. But that’s not just it! We would like to announce to you that the coming week, we also have a special offer for you! Get to know Germicro!

But first things first. Let us tell you a little bit more about Holstein Flowers.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Holstein - Germicro

Paul van Holstein and our Gerbera purchaser Ronnie in a candy-like Gerbera field.


Flowers. Fields of Flowers. Holstein is one of the biggest Gerbera players on the Dutch market. In fact, they only breed their own flowers! They started out as a family business, but that’s something that hasn’t changed. They are still a family business – just with a lot of years of experience now.

They have a very wide assortment – at the moment, they have high-quality 130 varieties of Gerberas in nearly every possible colour – except for green, blue and black. That is amazing, as it takes at least 3 years to breed a new flower!

Last but not least – apart from being a big player, Holstein Flowers has always paid attention to growing Gerberas in the most sustainable way possible. With the recent installation of LED, they can grow their flowers in an even more sustainable manner. The company finds it very important to remain sustainable even while owning such big business.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Holstein - Germicro

Gerbera fields with led lamps.


As the name suggests, Germicros are even smaller than Germinis! Due to their size, Germicros are perfectly suitable for any floral arrangements. They come in numerous colours and will become that ‘last touch’ you are missing in your floral design.


  • Very small – unique size, which makes them look very ‘cute’;
  • Many colours, many new varieties;
  • Due to the small size, higly detailed – perfect for florists.

In fact, this week we will have a special offer for you – it will be applicable to purchasing a Germicro Mix (Holstein now has 14 new varieties in total). Apart from that, they will be shown in our Flower Gallery, so drop by or check our social media. Namely – Facebook and Instagram!

* Beware: if you would like to find Germicros in our webshop, you can find it under the name: ‘Gerbera ger micro’. 

OZ Export - Flower Export - Holstein - Germicro


Did we excite you with our offer? Go to our webshop or app and take action now – don’t miss out on this exclusive offer by Holstein Flowers!

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