Getting bored of just one Christmas tree? Then check out the handpicked Nobilis assortment of our sister company Green Connect. They have a wide offer of Nobilis which is available the whole month of December!

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An overview of our Flower Gallery with a diverse range of Nobilis.


A day in the life of a purchaser

Ever wondered what the story behind these products is? Take a look for a day in the life of a Nobilis purchaser. The Nobilis assortment from Green Connect comes from planted forests in Denmark. To make sure everything is set for Christmas, one of Green Connect’s purchasers paid a visit to Denmark.

At the grower you’ll find agile pickers harvesting the branches in pairs using a mobile lift to pick them. Up to a height of 10 meters, one of them cuts the branches with special pruning shears. Meanwhile, the other person binds the branches in bundles of 5 kg and loads them on a cart. The branches can range from 10 to 20 meters in height.

Did you know? The most used branches are the ones that have been harvested from the top of the trees. That’s because these branches are a bit more coarse and the needles are somewhat harder due to the resin layer which is formed at the top.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Nobilis - Green Connect - Denmark

Green Connect visited the Nobilis grower in Denmark.


BE INSPIRED BY Green connect in our flower gallery

Nobilis is suitable for making all kinds of decorations. For every style you will be able to find something pretty. Check out the assortment in our Flower Gallery:


This cute little Christmas tree with snow is a real Winter eye-catcher.


Place any floral arrangement in the middle of the wreath to make it a true eye-catcher.


Nobilis is available in different colours and extraordinary shapes.

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In addition to your Christmas tree, you can choose diverse Nobilis wreaths and handmade decorations, such as Nobilis ball, garland, star and reindeer. Which one is your favourite? Check it out in our webshop or app.

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