The dashing Eucalyptus branches are very popular among florists during the Winter season. That is because with this greenery you will always find what you’re looking for. For example, eucalyptus with green/whitish leaves gives a cool effect to the bouquet and the multiple small leaves create a playful effect.

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On the left you can see an overview of our Flower Gallery and on the right a close-up of a multi-coloured Eucalyptus variety.



Find the perfect Eucalyptus size for your floral designs. The greenery is available in larger and smaller branches with leaves ranging from round to pointy. As you can see below there is plenty of choice when it comes to Eucalyptus.

The Eucalyptus itself is available in multiple natural colours. However, it can also be painted in the more festive colours. Our sister company Coloriginz offers a broad Eucalyptus assortment, ranging from metallic red to shiny blue or even matte orange. All colours of the Eucalyptus are perfect for the holiday season, right?


The Eucalyptus from left to right: 1. Eucalyptus Ball, 2 Eucalyptus Exotica Paint Silver, 3 Eucalyptus Cinerea Paint Gold, 4 Eucalyptus Baby Blue, 5 Eucalyptus Cinerea Paint Picasso and 6 Eucalyptus Exotica Paint Platinum.



The Eucalyptus likes warm temperatures. Most varieties are growing in countries close to the equator. From Australia to Israel, the Eucalyptus can be found all around the world. There are over 700 varieties, each with their distinctive features. Read on the learn about specific features for different countries.


Throughout the year Italy has a pleasant temperate for the Eucalyptus to grow. The greenery will start growing in the beginning of April and will be ready for picking in September through March.
The growers keep a close eye on the harvesting process and the orders. After the Eucalyptus is harvested, the greenery is bunched and prepared to be exported.


One of the popular varieties in Portugal is the Eucalyptus Robusta. The young fresh leaves are harvested in May through July, after these months the Eucalyptus has matured leaves and is perfect to be harvested up until March (depending on the weather).

At the nursery in Portugal there are two teams that make the Eucalyptus ready for export. One team goes through the Eucalyptus fields to harvest the right branches. Another team processes all the branches at the barn to prepare them for their next destination.


The Eucalyptus from this country has very specific features. Due to the feather-like shape of the leaves and warm colour on the edges, it is typical for this region. All Eucalyptus are bunched per 10 on the same length and after that, they are placed in sleeves, ready for export!


This country is known for its Eucalyptus variety with green/blueish leaves and can be found at many places in Australia. The variety that grows here can be regarded as a shrub, so the growers don’t need to go high up to harvest the Eucalyptus. Normally, they can grow up to 10 meters.

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On the left you can see an Eucalyptus variety from Israel and on the right a variety from Australia.



Did you know…

  • Some Eucalyptus leaves might contain gold? The roots of this greenery attract gold, yet it tries to get rid of this precious metal through its leaves because it is poisonous for the Eucalyptus.
  • Eucalyptus is processed in several products for human consumption? For example Eucalyptus is used in syrups to clear up the lungs when having a cold or in steam when you’re in the sauna. It can also be found in toothpaste and candy.
  • It will keep mosquitos away! That’s because it needs a lot of water to grow, which keeps to little left for the mosquitos to breed out their eggs.

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A real festive: gold painted Eucalyptus.

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