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Qualily presents a new product line with new unique and limited edition Lilies called Qualily’s Finest. This new product line is very exclusive and only available at four export companies and OZ Export is one of them!

Every collection matches the colours of the season. This way you offer your clients a great seasonal collection. The quality of the Lilies is the best you can get! The bulbs are planted wider apart. This means that the flowers get enough space to comfortably grow in the greenhouse. Qualily is a very sustainable company with the right certifications. They also have a very young and dynamic team. The average age is around 30 years old!

How can you recognise this amazing quality? Qualily presents the Qualily’s Finest packaging. The flowers all have the same recognisable sleeves. The information and a picture of the Lily is printed on a label. The labels are attached to every bunch.


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Go to our webshop and try out the new Qualily Finest collection. We know you are going to love it as much as we do!

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