The French Tulips are available at OZ Export for you to buy and enjoy. The French Tulip is a seasonal flower and are usually only available in first months of the year. So you can say that our Tulips are real ‘early birds’. The Tulip Double Gudoshnik is a special bred bulb from New-Zealand grown by a Dutch top grower. The Tulips are slowly grown with lots of light and at a relatively low temperature for great quality.

French Tulips have strong long stems, very large flowers and a very good vase life. Because of their big size they are perfect for creating impressive bouquets and tall centrepieces. With their luxurious looks and vivid colours these Tulips make beautiful gifts.


A limited amount is now available at OZ Export. These exclusive Gudoshnik Tulips are 60 centimetres long and weigh 60 grams.



A fun fact is that the French Tulip still ‘lives’ and grows in the vase! They tend to grow towards the light and warmth and can easily grow about 20 centimetres within the vase. In the morning when the Tulip slowly wakes up, you can see the flower go up, it is a beautiful side effect.

Enjoy these ‘early birds’ now and order them online via our user friendly webshop or ask your vendor. We will expect more Tulips within a few weeks from now. The upcoming French Tulips are mainly bred in France. We will also receive a smaller amount Italian bred French Tulips.


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