From 26 January to 30 January Christmasworld and Floradecora took place. Marketing and Sales combined forces and visited the fairs. We love to tell you more about the trends for 2018 and how you can combine those trends with flowers.

Christmasworld is the leading trade fair for the international decorations industry. It is the most important trend and order platform for all seasonal and festive events of the year. Christmasworld offers the perfect venue for all buyers from the wholesale, export and retail sectors to look for new and special product ideas.




At Christmasworld the emphasis may be on Christmas, but the fair offers a significant broader range of products. Besides the Christmas collections there were collections for Spring, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Halloween. As you can see a lot of inspiration for the entire year to fill your shop floor.




During the fair the four big home deco trends are revealed for 2018/2019. We love to share this with you and add some suggestions to incorporate it into your floral design.

Christmasworld 2018 trends


Vivid Heritage - christmasworld

CREDITS material (from left to right): Wood: Maritime Pine by Alpi / Embroidery: *Pillow, **Detail Armchair / Cord / Eggs: Sorbian Painting / Keppler Stars, Photo: Cataln Rusnac © 123rf / ***Floral Textile Prints / Perforated Fur / Canvas by Kvadrat / Detail: Knotted and Pile Fabric by Danskina.


Vivid Heritage is inspired by Mexico, Brazil, Scandinavia, Romania, Russia and Poland. With this trend all these influences from widly diverse cultures come together here. Artistic details, such as flowers, tendrils, ethnic, graphic designs and geometric motifs can be seen. These details and designs are mostly created using typical traditional techniques.

Characteristic of the style are sgraffito, engraving, etching and milling techniques as well as painting, applique and embroidery.


The colours for Vivid Heritage are traditional, lively and vital. The focus here is on folkore patterns and motifs as well as fascinating handicraft techniques. The mixture of these aspects with modern design and graphic element creates a strong, contemporary look. Despite lively colour combinations and luminous shades of mustard, petrol and red, the overall style had a natural character.

colours-Vivid Heritage - christmasworld


  • Paeonia
  • Papaver
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Freesia
  • Aster
  • Dianthus
  • Garden Roses
  • Aconitum
  • Alstroemeria
  • Antirrhinum
  • Astilbe
  • Bouvardia
  • Convallaria majalis
  • Dianthus barbatus
  • Helianthus
  • Gerbera
  • Helenium
  • Hyacinthus
  • Matthiola

Combine the traditional flowers in a bouquet with more contemporary looking flowers like the Anthurium.




balanced sobriety

CREDITS material (from left to right): Christmas Tree Ball by Christoball / Glass Detail: Fountain by Tokujin Yoshioka for Glas Italia / Honeycomb Paper: Flowers and Fan / Linen Fabric by product squid / Marble Texture by Forme di acqua / Textile Board Benches by Max Lamp for Really / Crack by NLXL / Kumiko Woodworking / Woven Bamboo Bowl / Detail: Linger Bench by Alvin Tjitrowirjo for Yamakawa / Sushi by Campana Brothers for ALPI, Photo: Federico Cedrone.


The attraction here lies in the harmony and perfection of the limited number of carefully selected materials. Light woods, matt brass and high-gloss black surfaces dominate the picture. The finest woodworking, artistically woven and braided structures, knotted and folded items, high quality natural papers, plissees and fan shapes give a highly aesthetic feel.

There is also an effective use of contrasts between matt and glossy surfaces – often together with surprising tactile and olfactory sensations such as scented woods.


Balances Sobriety is clear, uncomplicated and flawless. Visibly inspired by Japanese design, this compelling style has a consistently calm and harmonious look. Expressing the essence with a minimum of fuss is the concept behind many of the products. The colour palette is just as understated as the purist design and create an almost spiritual atmosphere with restrained natural tones.

colours-balanced sobriety -christmasworld


  • Phalaenopsis
  • Vanda
  • Dendrobium
  • Cymbidium
  • Magnolia branches
  • Prunus
  • Allium
  • Anigozanthos
  • Astrantia
  • Craspedia
  • Crocosmia
  • Curcuma
  • Dahlia
  • Eryngium
  • Fritillaria
  • Gloriosa
  • Heliconia
  • Hippeastrum
  • Lathyrus
  • Nerine
  • Nigella
  • Paphiopedilum

Flowers with fragrance fit this trend very well. Choose one colour and build up the arrangement around that one colour. The Ikebana style will fit this trend very well.



eclectic gathering - christmasworld

CREDITS material (from left to right): Wide Horizon by Germans Ermičs / Colour Spectrum, Photo: Nevodka © 123rf / *Animal Figures / (Tortoise) Nizwa Natural SIM by NLXL / Flower Painting on Porcelain / Metallic Gold / Wave Structure / Holographic Lights + Lights out of Focus, Photos: Aturaliev / Satina © 123rf / Transparent Relief Ornament / Concentric by Rob Zinn for Marset / (Mirror) All Saints by Kartell.


Creating something through combination. Collages form the starting point for this extravagant trend. Materials, textures and patterns are used her in surprising interplays.

Shimmering, vibrating, reflective and shiny materials such as crystal, foil, mother-of-pearl and mirrors are combined with playful details, exaggerated shapes and patterns. The imaginative use of motifs and colours range from gentle flowers and butterflies to exciting, sprayed colour effects and eye-catching fluorescent neon highlights.


Eclectic Gathering is multifaceted, dynamic, eye-catching. Variously designed elements come together here like pieces of scenery from different settings. Glamorous and sporty, haute-couture and reduced, gentle and intense, every day and spectacular.

The concept informing this multidimensional look is the combination of opposites. Vibrant tones dominate the energy-charged colour spectrum: pink, lemon, mandarin and azure combined with soft rose, black and refined gold.

colours-eclectic gathering - christmasworld


  • Chrysanthemum TR or GP Bubblegum (paint)
  • Rainbow Roses (paint)
  • Wax roses with toppings
  • Gold painted flowers
  • Ranunculus Butterfly
  • Florinca
  • Gloriosa
  • Lilium Fudge
  • Eye Roses/ Grass heart Roses

Combine unique looking flowers with every day flowers to create the effect that matches the Eclectic Gathering style. You can go as crazy as you like, just balance it out with the opposite of what you just used.


Splendid history - christmasworld

CREDITS material (from left to right): Green + Printed Velvet, Marabou Feathers, Celestine Druse, Bronze, Grey + Coloured Marble, Amethyst, Textured Leather, Polished Gemstone, Ashley Spring by Nya Nordiska (fabric), Lace, Freshwater Pearls.


The grandiose ambiance is redolent of past glories. Refined textiles, lace, precious stones, pearls, marble, metallic surfaces and dark woods – the materials have a sophisticated and expensive look. Palm fronds, large feathers, exotic leaves, magical landscapes and royal historic aspects serve as extravagant motifs. Luxury and elegance is always presented in  unconventional and modern ways.


Splendid History is elaborate, ornate and opulent. Luxurious settings reminiscent of the fascination charm of Italian palazzi.

The designs are decorative and often embellishes with historical quotations. It’s also possible to detect and extremely contemporary touch here. An elegant series of full, dark tones prepare the stage in this magnificent and unconventional presentation.

Aventurine, sophisticated aquamarine and warm gold provide particular highlights.

colours-Splendid history - christmasworld


  • Palm leaves
  • Large feathers
  • Exotic leaves
  • Big Chrysanthemums  (Magnum)
  • Double flowered Liliums (Rose Lily species)
  • Vanda
  • Cymbidium
  • Phalaenopsis
  • Zantedeschia
  • Roses
  • Spray Roses
  • Paeonia

Combine lush flowers with exotic greenery and add a few feathers on the way. Wrap it up in luxury foil or paper to present your customers the ideal gift. Flower boxes are a luxury way of giving flowers away.


If you like to receive the official trend cards please send an email to us.

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