What an honour to have Sonneveld Hydrangea presenting their Flower Pitch! This top quality grower has made their trip to OZ Export worth while.

Sonneveld Hydrangea has been active in the cultivation of cut Hydrangea ever since 1999. The reputation they have built during this sixteen years is unsurpassed. The company cultivates on 43.000 m² – that is almost nine football fields! – a large variation of colours and species of a highly appreciated quality. This year round high quality is guaranteed by a clever way of working with with different screens to create optimal growing circumstances.


During an enthusiastic Flower Pitch Henk Sonnveld of Sonneveld Hydrangea took the stage to explain to the entire OZ Export sales staff why their Hortensias have so much added value for every customer, also further up in the chain towards the consumer.

Henk Sonneveld in his element, talking enthusiastically about Hydrangeas

The trick is that the focus lies on the final consumer at home and to get the flowers there in a good condition. It’s quite simple, actually: When the consumer can optimally enjoy the flowers then all the hard work before that was also optimal. The part that Sonneveld plays is to prepare the flowers for the long journey. That means giving the flower some twelve hours to strengthen before shipment by giving the right nutrition and cooling. This improived the quality drastically in comparison to releasing the fresh flowers right after cutting.

It also requires timing from the customer. When ordering Hydrangeas we need to calculate this half day into the shipping process to get the best result.


Sonneveld presented to our sales staff a unique look behind the scenes of cultivating Hydrangeas. We saw how the Rodeo Purple developed from stage zero to maturity. During his lecture Henk Sonneveld explained what is the ideal timing for cutting, pre-treatment and shipping. Aim is to get the Hydrangeas in mint condition to the customer.

From left to right: week 0 and 2

From left to right: week 4 and 6

From left to right: week 8 and 10

From left to right: week 12 and 14. The first Rodeo Purple can be cut.

Week 16. Most Rodeos are ready for harvesting.


Henk Sonneveld concluded his Flower Pitch by presenting next week’s special Flower Pitch Deal. We offer you several varieties for special tariffs. Check this with your vendor and benefit from this top deal.

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