For years Akerboom is directly supplying OZ Export with top notch Freesias. This week Thomas Akerboom came by to talk about his company and his products.

Thomas is the main sales responsible in this family owned and run company. He is the third generation of Akerbooms involved in the Freesia business. His father Theo is the general manager and keeps an eye on one of the three production locations.


Akerboom Freesia is a family business with more than 45 years of experience in growing flowers of excellent quality. In 1970, seven years after starting to cultivate flowers, Akerboom began specialising solely in the production of Freesias. The products are sold mainly to wholesalers located in the Netherlands from where they are distributed to professional florists in other countries. Akerboom supplies this market year round with Freesias sold in seven main colours, divided into some 25 single colours (white, blue, yellow, red and pink) and in mixed colours.

Akerboom Freesia
The seven main colours of Akerboom Freesias


It was a hot and sunny day on Thursday 2 July. Still, the full sales staff of OZ Export gathered in the Big Conference Room to listen to Thomas’ story. They learned that Freesia is way past that old-fashioned image that it was some years ago. Freesias are trendy and colourful. They are on their way back towards also the young and hip customers. And moreover… they make you happy!

Akerboom Freesia


Did you know that the scent of Freesias make people happy? Well, now you do. The fragrance of Freesia is incomparable to other flowers. It contains a cheerful bouquet of peppery zing and floral freshness projected at the right intensity, a delicious aroma that radiates for a long distance. High in linalool, a major component in all Freesia varieties, it emits a refreshing, floral woody aroma with a subtle citrusy-terpenic note. Researchers at the Tokyo University claim to have demonstrated that inhaling linalool, and hence the scent of Freesias, can reduce stress. Isn’t that a good selling argument towards your customers?

Akerboom Freesia
Freesia is often used in perfumes, making women (and men) happy. Side-effect is that it reduces stress.

Get your share of stress-reducing, cheerful and beautiful flowers! This week OZ Exports and Akerboom offer a great Flower Pitch Deal in mixed Freesias. Check the OZ Export webshop or ask your vendor.


Akerboom Freesia
Watch how Akerboom Freesia works in this 8 minute YouTube film by Floweracademy.tv

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