Right in the middle of the auction triangle Aalsmeer-Rijnsburg-Naaldwijk you can find one of the best Dutch Dahlia growers. Here is Where Charles Hogenboom runs Kwekerij Punthuis, this week our honoured Flower Pitch guest. Punthuis kicks of a week of Dahliamania.

Just before the Flower Pitch started one of our vendors walked into the main meeting room to join the presentation. When he saw a big vase of Dahlias he spontaneously sighed: “They’re so beautiful, Dahlias.” And it is true, they are irresistible.

Charles Hogenboom presented his company and his assortment of indoor and a few outdoor Dalias. In the winter Punthuis grows 4 million Tulips and in May he brings the first of 1.2 million Dahlias on the market. This makes his year complete.

Charles Hogenboom addresses the OZ Export sales staff.


Punthuis grows eleven ballshaped Dahlia varieties, both indoor and outdoor. The advantage of indoor is that he can start two months earlier marketing them, because a bad spring has no effect. Next to that the flowers stay cleaner indoors. Most colours are available, from the immaculate White Netty to bicoloured Checkers to the ultimate dark red Maroon Fox.

Karel Bus, one of the OZ Export Dahlia buyers, with Charles Hogenboom in our Flower Pitch Corner.


In cooperation with Punthuis and CNB, the bulb mediation company, we have organised a promotion campaign ‘DAHLIAMANIA’ that lasts for one full week, from Friday 28 August until Friday 4 September. During this week we have a special Flower Pitch Deal for all our customers: Dahlia 8 Colour Mix of 50 cms with 80 stems in a bucket. During the whole week we show the Punthuis Dahlias in our Flower Pitch Corner, so every visitor and colleague can enjoy the beauty of the flowers, just like one of our vendors did when he walked into the main meeting room.

Grab this great opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing Dahlia. Check the OZ Export webshop or ask your vendor for a real top deal.

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