Van der Lugt

Next week all eyes at OZ Export are fixed at Lisianthus [botanical: Eustoma]. Van der Lugt truly deserves this attention, because for many years already they are setting the quality trend.

Ever since its first edition Flower Pitch has been a big success for all participants. Growers seize the opportunity to present themselves live in front of our sales people. In the Flower Pitch series we were honoured to have one of the best Lisianthus growers in our office on Thursday 19 March. Van der Lugt gave an impressive presentation about their new transport cost saving packaging. This did not just open all eyes, but also all ears.

Van der Lugt
Jolanda van der Lugt presents her Flower Pitch


Transport is an important part of your cost price. It often seems like a necessary evil, until you start calculating on the effectiveness and find that there are ways to reduce these cost without even damaging the products. Van der Lugt have done their homework and now come up with a cost effective solution that drastically saves on freight cost.

The Lisianthus collar is still white and unlabelled, but that will have an appealing design. The first ones to exclusively try our this collar are the customers of OZ Export. But just before you rush to your webshop we would like to inform you about this:
– Lisianthus with collar are offered in V544 auction buckets (see image below). This bucket is slightly smaller, making it able to put more on a trolley.
– One bucket contains 100 stems (single flowered) or 80 stems (double flowered). That is double the volume of regular buckets!
– The quality and size are the very same as you are used to get from Van der Lugt. No worries about this, then.
– Van der Lugt guarantees at least 7 flowers per stem to open. No other Lisianthus grower does this, so far.

Van der Lugt
The all new Lisianthus collar. The best quality, and still saving money on transport space.

Next to the presentation in our big meeting room we were spoiled by a wonderful showcase of the full assortment of single and double flowered Lisianthus. Our Flower Pitch Corner is almost too small to fit all this beauty in. It confirms what we already know, which is that Lisianthus are an experience of their own: trendy, upbeat, sophisticated, colourful and stylish. That is the most important that you must feel and remember about this lovely flower. The rest should be guaranteed, and that is exactly what Van der Lugt offers.

Van der Lugt
Marcel and Jolanda van der Lugt with OZ Export buyer Kees Glorie

Do you need more reasons to buy Lisianthus next week? Ask your vendor for all availability.

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