On Thursday 12 February OZ was honoured to have renowned growers of Beyond Chrysant visiting to present their Flower Pitch. You will know Beyond for their assortment of Spray Baltica and both Spray (tr) and Disbudded (gp) Zembla.

Beyond Chrysant
Works of art by Beyond. From left to right: Piece with Chrysant Zembla | Piece with Chrysant Baltica.

Beyond is known and well respected for going the extra mile for their customers. They do everything for customer satisfaction, from cultivation and marketing to varieties and packaging. Buying Chrysants should be beyond your expectations, no matter where, no matter when.


Wouter Duijvesteijn, one of Beyond’s directors, came to OZ Export with a mission. This mission was to explain to our entire sales staff what you can expect and what you get when buying a bunch of Chrysants by Beyond.

Beyond Chrysant
Wouter Duijvesteijn of Beyond explains his 4 steps to success.

All employees of Beyond are taught to assume that their customers, like OZ Export, buy their flowers based on the reliability of top quality and vase life. Is is that simple? Yes it is, because the customers of OZ Export must also be able to rely on the same standard. And you can.

To give this mission a fixed structure Beyond has developed a four-steps-plan to ensure you of their best Chrysanthemums available anywhere.

Beyond Chrysant
Beyond Chrysant has the world’s most modern facility for producing Chrysanthemums. The latest technologies are applied in the vast nine hectares of greenhouse, completely focussed on the perfect cultivation of the product Chrysant. Climate, IT solutions and logistics are top priorities, as are sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Beyond sees this approach as the basis for an excellent product.

Beyond Chrysant
Harvesting marks an important quality control point. Products are monitored stem by stem, flower by flower and then carefully graded according to weight and quality. To optimize quality, many operations are automated. Attached to the decorative packaging is a unique temperature indicator label that indicates whether the products have been exposed to excessively high temperatures. In this way, the various links in the supply chain will be informed of possible deviations in quality.

Beyond Chrysant
Once the Chrysants are packaged, the pre-cooling phase begins. This involves reducing the temperature in a way that interrupts the development of the flowers, so that they remain in a state of ‘suspended animation’ to keep them in peak condition. The flowers are shipped without water to control micro-organisms until they reach their sales destination.

Beyond Chrysant
Once at their destination, the last – and essential – quality inspection takes place. This involves not just the flowers but also the on-site conditions. Beyond Chrysants may only be stored and sold under strictly defined conditions. This retains the level of quality demanded by you and your customers. until they reach their sales destination.


Beyond Chrysant
Chrysant tr. Baltica (Spray)

Beyond Chrysant
Chrysant gp. Zembla (Disbudded)

Beyond Chrysant
Chrysant tr. Zembla (Spray)

Beyond brought a few stunning works of Chrysant art along with their presentation. The next week everybody visiting OZ Export will enjoy what beautiful Chrysants can do. Furthermore, Wouter Duijvesteijn brought a pleasant surprise for our customers too. Next week we will be distributing sample boxes to our customers with a few bunches of Beyond Chrysants and some promotion materials. Free of charge, so watch out for this box with your next order (as long as stock lasts).

Beyond Chrysant
Watch the Beyond company presentation on YouTube.

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