Exclusive and creative Alstroemerias by Könst

Könst Alstroemeria is a worldwide specialist in Alstroemeria, growing flowers and breeding flowers. We are going to tell you their story and show you some of the most beautiful Alstroemerias in the world.

Flower business is a family business

More than 40 years ago the family Könst, while growing carnations, started breeding Alstroemeria. These efforts have resulted in an exciting assortment of varieties in a wide range of shapes and colours. Their Alstroemeria varieties can now be found in professional nurseries all over the globe! Könst Alstroemeria is now one of the leading companies in breeding and multiplying Alstroemeria. Famous varieties were Rio, Wilhelmina, Napoli, and nowadays are Himalaya, Jaffa, Tiger and Hot Pepper. But don’t forget their dreamy white Spray Alstroemeria Paradiso!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Pink Alstroemeria Jumbo - Könst 04

Breeding area of Könst Alstroemeria, small Alstroemeria plants in the nursery of Könst.

Strolling tHrough the greenhouse

OZ Export - Flower Export - Pink Alstroemeria Jumbo - Könst 03

Test beds of Könst Alstroemeria with new species and on the right you see the Spray Alstroemeria Paradiso.

We love Könst not only for their quality but also for their creativity. They have really unique and exclusive flowers. We recently paid them a visit especially for you. Armed with a camera we walked through the Alstroemeria field in their greenhouse. Here is an impression of their latest tests, newest flowers and trends.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Pink Alstroemeria Jumbo - Könst

Pink Alstroemeria Jumbo at the greenhouse of Könst Alstroemeria.

What can you expect? There are two new Alstroemerias on their way: Jumbo and Cheesecake. Jumbo is a big and bold pink Alstroemeria. Very popular during the vase test at our OZ Export office. Cheesecake, well only the name itself is pretty delicious! She is a light yellow, almost crème flower. A very pretty colour that really is an addition to your Alstroemeria assortment.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Light Yellow Alstroemeria Cheesecake - Könst

Light yellow Alstroemeria Cheesecake at the greenhouse of Könst Alstroemeria.

Paradiso, a true paradise in the floral world

White Spray Alstroemeria Paradiso is very popular at this moment. She is perfect for exclusive events and weddings. But she can also steal the show in a bouquet. Natural colours are a big trend this year and Paradiso is a perfect match. This flower will take your floral designs to the next level and is a must-have within your assortment!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Paradiso

Sarah Dikker (Holland’s Best Floral Designer ’14) is a big fan of the Paradiso Spray Alstroemeria, the popular Paradiso was also present during the Alstroemeria show at Keukenhof.

You can order Könst Alstroemerias at OZ Export. Varieties like Paradiso are exclusive flowers and only available at OZ Export, your Alstroemeria Expert.

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