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Is it revolutionary or simply a good idea? As of next week Jovaplant supplies their Eucharis in a new box and with a new opening stage.

In the Netherlands the Eucharis is grown by only a few growers. Nursery Jovaplant takes about two-thirds of the crop for its account. Their specialty is the ability to deliver a high quality flower throughout the chain from grower to consumer.


Jovaplant’s Astrid Valstar promises four extra days of shelf life with their new raw packing. As of Monday 19 November the flowers are delivered with their buds closed. Although this means that it will take two days to open up you win four days back because the product will fully open up in time.

The flowers are also packed with closed buds for better protection during transport and handling. In many cases this will improve the trading potential. An additional promise Astrid Valstar gives us: “All flowers will open!”

OZ Export  |  To Flower The World
Jovaplant’s new supplying stage was thoroughly tested


The Eucharis is a dainty flower with long slender leafless stem. It looks like a small Lily. The name is Greek for ‘very graceful’. The flower symbolizes beauty, purity and new beginnings.

Although not the biggest flower in the world it will still catch the attention of anybody for its looks and its scent. The fragrance of Eucharis is something mystical. On my search for the right description I learned that people describe it in the most poetic way, such as “the softest, most gently sweet exhalation of any tropical flower”, “sweet and spicy and seems stronger during the day” and “a soft, gentle, wafting version of Ivory dish soap.” Anyway, it is inspiring and nose-catching.

OZ Export  |  To Flower The World
From left to right: Raw buds in the box will splendour in your bouquet  |  Astrid Valstar in her nursery


Jovaplant says: “With the right care we will spent a long time together.​” You will have weeks of enjoyment of these beautiful flowers. The Eucharis shows its flowers one by one, so if a flower has bloomed the next one will open. Break or cut the old flower gently. Change the water in the vase every five days and then cut a piece off the stem.

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