De Haas Calla’s WINNER OF THE Dutch Flower Awards 2017

Marco van Zijverden, CEO of Dutch Flower Group (DFG), announced the winners of the 2017 Dutch Flower Awards at the DFG stand during the RFH Trade Fair. “Digitalisation” was the central theme of this year’s honours.

WINNERS Dutch Flower Awards 2017

This is now the 16th time DFG has put its supply chain partners in the spotlight via the Dutch Flower Awards. These distinctions were awarded for the categories of Cut Flowers, Plants and Foreign Growers:

  • De Haas Calla’s (Zantedeschia, Helleborus) from De Lier was named winner of the Cut Flowers category.
  • For Plants, the award went to Oriental Growers (products include Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo and Cactus) from Bleiswijk.
  • Nini Flowers (Roses) based in Naivasha, Kenya, was announced winner of the Foreign Growers category.

Following the presentation of the Awards, logistics partner De Winter Logistics was declared as this year’s selection for the Preferred Partner Recognition.



We are celebrating the winner of the Cut Flower category, De Haas Calla’s, this week in our Flower Pitch Corner at OZ Export! The upcoming week 20-24 November 2017, we have a special offer by the De Haas Calla’s. Get their Calla [Zantedeschia] mix for a very special price. This offer is very exclusive and only available at OZ Export!

Besides this temporary offer, we also have a standing offer with great competitive prices. Please ask your account manager for the prices. The standing offer is available from Monday 20 November 2017 – April 2018.

The following products are included:

  • Zantedeschia Captain Beatrix
  • Zantedeschia Gran Paradiso
  • Zantedeschia Captain Safari
  • Zantedeschia Captain Trinity
  • Zantedeschia Crystal Blush
  • Zantedeschia Captain Ventura
  • Zantedeschia Captain Promise
  • Zantedeschia Pink Jewel
  • Zantedeschia Captain Romance
  • Zantedeschia Captain Rosette
  • Zantedeschia Gold Medal
  • Zantedeschia Rudolph
  • Zantedeschia Cantor

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