This week in our Flower Pitch; Spring flowers with a touch of Easter! The Spring flowers that stole the spotlight this week are the Narcissus (also known as Daffodil) and Muscari. There are many varieties of the Narcissus like these special ones by W.F. Leenen.

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Our Narcissus Flower Pitch presentation of this week by W.F. Leenen.



A flower can say more than a thousand words. The Narcissus on the other hand, has many stories to tell. One of them is the Greek myth about Narkissos.

According to Greek mythology, the flower is named after Narkissos, a young beautiful man. He didn’t noticed that the nymph Echo had a crush on him. That was because, Narkissos was totally focused on hunting. As a punishment of rejecting Echo, Echo let Narkissos fall in love with his own reflection. So, when Narkissos wanted to drink from a stream, he became so in love with himself that he couldn’t stop staring at his reflection in the water for days. In the end, he became so exhausted that he fell into the water and drowned. On that spot, a flower started to bloom which stands for the beauty of Narkissos: the Narcissus.

The flower was a symbol of selfishness and vanity. However, nowadays the flower symbolises a new beginning, as the Narcissus announces the new season. When the Narcissus start to bloom, it is a sign that Spring has arrived.


The Narcissus full in bloom which means the new season has begun.



The beautiful trumpet shaped flowers are available in many different varieties. Bright yellow might the best know Daffodil colour, but did you know they are also available in white and pinkish colours? Besides the varieties in colour there are also differences in shapes and sizes. Such as, double flowered, large and smaller trumpets. Yet they all have one thing in common, they are dazzling flowers!


There are many shades of yellow Daffodils. That’s why we have listed some of our most distinctive varieties:

  • Narcissus York Minster has one of the brightest colours there is. It shines almost as bright as the sun!
  • If you like softer tones, the Narcissus Amber Trompet might be just right for you! This yellow beauty has a lighter and softer colour than others.
  • The Narcissus Holland Chase really stands out. It’s trumpet is not your average Daffodil trumpet, because it has many layers of petals.


The Narcissus names from left to right: York Minster, Amber Trompet, Holland Chase by W.F. Leenen.

Various MARVELOUS multicolourED TRUMPETS

Even though yellow might be the first Narcissus colour that comes to mind, multicoloured varieties are becoming more and more popular. For example:

  • Narcissus Pink Perfection is a combination of the long white outer petals and a soft pinkish coral colour that gets more intense around the edge of the trumpet. The flower is just pure perfection on it’s own.
  • Combining the traditional yellow colour of the Narcissus with white creates a unique pattern. That’s why Narcissus Delta is a must-have!
  • The Narcissus Preconcious is a larger flowered Narcissus. The trumpet is a real eye-catcher, besides that it has a strong pink coral colour, it also fully opens up which creates a unique effect.


The Narcissus names from left to right: Pink Perfection, Delta and Preconcious by W.F. Leenen.



As mentioned above, the Narcissus is a very special flower and it also needs special care. We have listed some tips for you to improve the vase life of this fabulous flower:

  • Please don’t cut of the stems of the Narcissus
    Daffodils contain toxic slime that will flow out of the stems if you cut them. If you do need to cut them, place them in a vase with water. This way the toxins will be reduced in one hour. After this process you can use them in your bouquet (be sure not to cut the flowers or else you have to repeat the process).
  • Special flower food
    Add special Narcissus food by Chrysal to the water to ensure a longer vaselife. It also reduces the toxic slime that comes out of the flowers when cutting them.
  • Mixing Narcissus in your bouquet
    An alternative method for mixing the Narcissus with other flowers involves keeping the freshly cut Narcissus separate from the other flowers for a couple of hours, before combining them in a single bouquet. The flower will then no longer secrete its destructive poisonous slime.
  • Don’t place the flowers near a fruit bowl
    Fruit naturally produces ethylene gas and the flowers become wilted much sooner.

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With the many varieties of Narcissus you don’t need any other flower to create a stunning bouquet, which you can enjoy for a longer period when using the care tips, and just add some greens! 

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