Dahlia. So stunning – so many different colours and shapes – from fascinating sharp petals to rolled and even round petals, comprising an absolutely perfect round shape of the flower. Did you know that they have a ‘Yours forever’ meaning? That is the utmost perfect meaning for a wedding.

In this issue, we would like to help you out a bit – we would like to present you with care tips for Dahlias for events and weddings. It’s always nice to know what to expect upfront, right? We will also tell you what the top 4 varieties are when it comes to this special day.


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Credits: Bridelle.pl


If your customer would like to have a wedding with Dahlias – they are in luck. Dahlias do not require extra special treatment. They are also combined perfectly with other flowers – no extra flower food needed.

Of course, there are the basics, such as – cut a couple cm off of the stem (diagonally, with a sharp knife), place the flowers into clean water and don’t forget flower food. Dahilas are prepared in advance by the grower – they are processed with chlorine. This makes the vase life of the flower considerably longer!

Dahlias are always cut at the right stage. You therefore can use them for wedding arrangements instantly, without waiting for the flower to open up. However, beware. Dahlias are very fragile and are easy to damage. This is why you should pay extra attention to the transportation of the flower – Dahlias should never be laid down on a pallet throughout the transportation.


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Photos from a visit at Fam Flower Farm.


# Diana’s Memory. Beautiful and gentle variety, which comprises a mixure of yellow and pink colours, which eventually blend into slighlty peachy shade.

# Café au Lait. Definitely an incredibly popular and famous variety – Café au Lait sometimes definitely reminds of coffee with milk. Why ‘sometimes’? That’s becuase this flower can easily have different shades. Even on one plant, the flower can be lighter or darker, more pink or more creamy, with a more or less defined heart. Magical. Oh, don’t forget that its big size is not any less captivating!


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Diana’s Memory, Café au lait.

# Maarten Zwaan. It’s even in the name – ‘Zwaan’ = ‘Swan’! White classic – very frequently used for weddings and special events.

# Wizzard of OZ. Fairytale name for a fairytale day. Wizzard of OZ is also frequently used for weddings – and for a reason! It has a very interesting appearance – shaped like a ball with beautiful twisted petals. Just magnificent.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Dahlia Mania - Dahlia - Weddings - Maarten Zwaan - Wizzard of OZ

Maarten Zwaan, Wizzard of OZ.


Perhaps, not forever, but you will most definitely enjoy these gentle blossoms for a while. Go to our webshop or app to get your favourites!


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