Love literally hangs in the air.

What is that, flying through the air, armed with a red rose? It is Cupidrone, ready to spread love everywhere! In the new Valentine film by the organization of love is in the air, literally.

A drone named Cupidrone, especially developed for Valentine’s Day, scans the streets of Italian city Verona for lovers and lonely souls. If he sees them, he fires a red rose at them. And what happens? The ancient symbol of love – the red rose – is still flawlessly doing his beautiful work. For those who want to make Valentine’s Day special, Cupidrone proves that flowers have a strange effect on people.


Looking for Romeo and Juliet

It is not by coincidence that Cupidrone visits Verona. Last year spread love and happiness in Paris with 1,500 red alarm boxes. “In Case of Love at First Sight” Parisians could break the glass and take a rose. This year Cupidrone brought love to Verona, the city of the world’s most famous love couple Romeo and Juliet. In the film we see Cupidrone even just peek inside Juliet’s famous balcony on Via Capello.

Cupidrone YouTube
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