Both growers and buyers expressed their wish for less transparency about who buys what at the clock. So starting at the end of March, the buyer’s card number will be removed in phases from the clocks at the FloraHolland auctions.

Every company that buys at the auction clocks has one or more buyer numbers. These have always appeared at the clock front to identify the buyer for a specific lot of flowers. In the old days, when everyone was still physically present in the big auction halls of FloraHolland a buyer could recognize his buyer number when he stopped the clock first and then call out the number of units that he wished to buy for that price. Nowadays almost all clock transactions are digital and over the internet through KOA, the remote purchase program. OZ Export also offers KOA services to their customers.

KOA buyer


The effect of FloraHolland removing the buyer’s card number from the clock has already been explored with Chrysanthemums and Roses. These pilots showed that it leads to a more stable price-setting. The first buyer’s card number to go will be the one at the cut flowers clocks in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. This will take place at the end of March. Shortly thereafter, it will be implemented at the clocks in Rijnsburg and at the plant clocks in Naaldwijk. For now the buyer’s card number will still be displayed at the plant clock in Aalsmeer and at the florists clocks in Naaldwijk and Eelde.


When you are on KOA buying your flowers you press your keyboard to stop the clock. Nothing changes here. If you are the first to stop the clock you will still see your buyer number and you will have the first right to announce the quantity you need. When you are not the buyer you will now see a blank box leaving the buyer anonymous to you. That’s all.

There is no exact date known yet for this change, only that it will happen at the end of March. If you have any questions regarding the removal of the clock buyer’s numbers please turn to your vendor at OZ Export.

Source: FloraHolland
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