The pastel colours and soft scents let you dream away. Which makes them the perfect Roses for weddings and special occasions. Especially when all of them have their own character and are grown in a sustainable way.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wans Roses - Gert holding a mix of Roses and our Flower Pitch overview
On the left you can see one of our Roses purchasing specialists Gert holding a mix of Wans Roses and on the right you can see an overview of our Flower Pitch.



The classic assortment of Wans Roses consists of three pastel colours; pink, peach and purple. Roses are the ultimate symbol of love and used for many occasions. The soft pastel colours make it easy to use these Roses in any floral design.

The fine pink heart of the Sweet Avalanche+ lightens up slowly to the outer petals when blossoming. The noble apricot colour of the Peach Avalanche+ makes it a true all-rounder for many occasions.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wans Roses - Sweet Avalanche Rosa and Rosa Peach Avalanche
On the left you can see Rosa Sweet Avalanche+ and on the right you can see Rosa Peach Avalanche+.



We also welcomed real royalty in our Flower Pitch last week. The Royal Beauties assortment by Wans Roses include special shaped flowers. The appearance and shape of these varieties are unique, because not one flower is the same. Every petal is different, so each individual Rose has their own character. Another favourable aspect of this assorment is that most of them have a delightful fragrance!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wans Roses - Royal Beauties - Rosa Country Louisa and Rosa Country ladyThe latest Royal Beauties: Rosa Country Louise – changing from a deep apricot heart to a light Pink with fresh green on the outer petals creates an elegant look and Rosa Country Lady – a blossoming beauty with a deep pink colour for exclusive bouquets.


To make it easy for you we created an overview of the varieties that were displayed in our Flower Pitch:

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wans Roses - Table Overview

The Roses from left to right: 1 Metamorfose, 2 Golden Vuvuzela, 3 Vuvuzela, 4 Peach Avalanche+, 5 Sweet Avalanche+, 6 Romantic Vuvuzela, 7 Country Louise, 8 Eliane, 9 Victorian Kiss, 10 Angie Romantica Creme, 11 Blanche Elegance, 12 Wild Moments, 13 Angie Romantica Sweet, 14 Candice!, 15 Emma Woodhouse, 16 Country Garden, 17 Country Lady, 18 Tinkerbell! and 19 Juwena.


Like to know more about scented flowers? Read more about the Flower of the Month, the Lilium and click here.



Sustainability is very important to Wans Roses. Therefore they focus on two particular themes for making their Roses more sustainable: energy supply and plant protection.

For optimal growth conditions of the Roses, a high amount of heat is necessary in the modern greenhouses. There are three machines that heat the greenhouses with sustainable waste: two run on bio-methane and one on plant oils. This way they can use eco-electricity. In the end, the CO2 footprint of these Roses grown in North Rhine-Westphalia is better than the imported ones.

Besides growing the Roses with renewable heat, the protection (against pests) which is used for the flowers is also biological. This biological protection includes beneficial natural organisms, such as predator mite and creeping weevil. These organisms act as natural enemies of the pests.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wans Roses - greenhouseAn impression of the Wans Roses greenhouse.

Already know what floral design you want to create with these Roses? Check out our webshop or app to see which varieties we have in stock.

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