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From 29 September until 3 October it’s Captain Calla Promo Week at OZ Export. We promote two of our best growers and six of their finest Captain varieties. Join us and be inspired with this gracious flower.



What you may or may not know is that ‘Captain’ is a unique and exclusive segment within the range of Callas [botanical: Zantedeschia]. There is a reason why we focus on the Captains during this Promo Week. Captains are not your usual Calla: They are bigger!

The Captain Calla is highly valued for its larger funnel-shape spathe, its sturdier stems and its richer colour. Its coloured spathe and unusual character give this flower an elegant beauty! Captain Callas come in a rich colour palette for everyone’s liking and every occasion. Pick a white one, or a yellow, pink, purple, red, orange, bicoloured or even a black Calla.


Captain Callas are very popular for use as a single stem in a vase and for bouquets consisting just of this lovely flower, but also for use in mixed bouquets.

The Calla has meant many different things at different periods in history, but its classic meaning is considered to be magnificent beauty. It symbolises virtue, purity and abundance. Callas have become a common favourite in wedding ceremonies, but as a contrast are also fitting flowers for funerals.


We at OZ Export promote the Calla Captain, because we are convinced of its qualities and that this deserves more attention. Therefore, we present to you six Captain varieties in a special price promotion that will start on 29 September and will run until 3 October.

We have all colours for you in 70cms: Captain Trinity, Captain Ventura, Captain Melrose, Captain Aguila, Captain Romance and Captain Promise. All buyers receive a nice package of free promotion material for their own point-of-sales display.



We have selected two of the best Dutch Calla growers for you. Zandvoort Flowers and Viscalla are both specialised in the Captain varieties.

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From left to right: Sjors Gerichhausen (Zandvoort Flowers) and John Vis (Viscalla)


Zandvoort Flowers is known for their large choice of different flowers, all of the same top quality. This makes Zandvoort an all-round supplier to OZ Export.

Co-owner Sjors Gerichhausen does not merely grow Callas, but also produces Amaryllis [botanical: Hippeastrum] and Freesias. Their Captains come in many different colours and sizes, of which we have selected for this Promo Week: Captain Trinity, Captain Ventura and Captain Melrose.

Zandvoort Flowers -01
Harvesting Callas at the Zandvoort Flowers greenhouse

Zandvoort Flowers is a year round Calla grower, always ready to promote their produce to you and convince you of their superb quality. Moreover, the greenhouse works environmental friendly, re-cycling energy and heat as much as possible.

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From Zandvoort Flowers we promote during the Captain Calla Promo Week (from left to right): Calla Captain Trinity  |  Calla Captain Ventura  |  Calla Captain Melrose


Viscalla is a very flexible grower, known for their ability to adapt to your demand. They focus on exclusivity, quality and distinction.

John Vis grows organically, meaning he only uses natural pesticides. You will not find any chemicals in his greenhouse, just environmental friendly solutions. This produces both beautiful and healthy flowers.

Viscalla 03
Visit to Viscalla with our Calla buyer Dennis Dekker

John Vis grows a wide assortment of only Captain species. He only uses his bulbs once for optimal flower size and strength. His season has just started, so all Captains are fully available now, also some new varieties in typical autumn colours.

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From Viscalla we promote during the Captain Calla Promo Week (from left to right): Calla Captain Aguila  |  Calla Captain Romance  |  Calla Captain Promise


All Calla Captain varieties originally come form breeder Kapiteyn. This is logical, because the name Kapiteyn translates as ‘Captain’. The company has a history of four generations of developing, breeding and trading flower bulbs.


The CNB (Coöperatieve Nederlandse Bloembollencentrale) is a professional, customer-oriented mediator in bulbs, tubers and perennials. With more than 90 years of experience, around 1.500 members and an annual turnover of over 250 million euros, CNB is not only the leading authority in the Netherlands, but also the worlds largest mediator in bulbs.


For the longest vase life, use a sharp knife to trim a piece from the end of the stem, preferably from the white part. The flower will retain its beauty best when kept at a temperature between 12° and 20° Celsius. Fresh flowers have a vase life of two weeks or even longer.


For more information about this Captain Calla Promo Week please turn to your vendor at OZ Export and check our webshop for special Captain deals.

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