On Thursday 11 December we visited our neighbours of OZ Import for the Italian Show of the Year: Campania Fiori e Foglie showed their assortment.

We may proudly say that it was OZ Export who discovered this gem in the Italian growers market. Campania Fiori e Foglie is a group of growers who united to improve their quality level and export possibilities through centralised control and logistics. And it worked out beautifully!

flower export
OZ Export buyer Kees Glorie is our own ‘Italian Specialist’

There are so many top quality growers in all regions of Italy, also in Campania. This is the southern region, around Naples. Every region has its specialties, and for Campania it’s quite a wide range of flowers and some greens that typical. The cream of the crop was to be admired by many visiting flower professionals during the walk-in-show at OZ Import.


OZ Export weekly receives a vast assortment of cut flowers from 285 growers of the Campania region. These include growers of many Ranunculus, Anemone, Carnation [botanical: Dianthus], Lilies, Statice, Matthiola, Campanula and Antirrhinum varieties. For many of our customers this will be the first taste of Campania, so true novelties. Therefore, we invite you to try just a few of the flowers that are new to you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its beauty, size, quality and vase life. And the assortment expands still every week.

flower export
Just a small selection of our the Campania assortment: Dianthus Tr. Tessino Ruby | Anemone Mistral varieties | Dianthus Barbatus Green Wicky

flower export
A selection of six hard and strong Statice colours

Are you interested in receiving more information about our big Campania assortment? Please check our webshop regularly or ask your contact person at OZ Export.

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