Together2Grow is one of the best Alstroemeria growers; they are well known for the Spray Alstroemeria Charmelia Bridesmaid and Paradiso. During week 19 we have a special Alstroemeria Promo Week at OZ Export. We offer you a lovely mix of red, pink and white Alstroemerias by Together2Grow. High quality for a low price!


Because of this great offer we went to visit one of the nurseries of Together2Grow. Robin van der Knaap gave us a small tour. So let’s start at the beginning!

New plants from the breeder are carefully planted in the glasshouse. When they grow and gain height a wired mesh keeps the flowers apart and make sure they grow straight up.

OZ-EXPORT-FLOWER-EXPORT-Together2Grow - Promo Actie-04

Young Alstroemeria plants.

Sustainability is important to us!

Together2Grow delivers the highest quality. They are able to do this through their advanced production process, such as soil cooling, lighting and state-of-the-art sorting machines. Their MPS-A certification is proof of their great attention to sustainability. Most of the time they use organic and biological pest control. They also use CO² in their greenhouses that is captured in the industry by their partner OCAP.

OZ-EXPORT-FLOWER-EXPORT-Together2Grow - Promo Actie-03

Field filled with Paradiso, sachet of biological pest control and CO² tube through the Alstroemeria plants.

Making your life easy!

Together2Grow and OZ Export want to make your life easier. The Together2Grow nurseries are equipped with the latest technology. The companies are capable of year round growing of high quality products. Because they work with the latest machines they can adjust everything to your needs. In case you prefer something special, let us know. We can adjust the amount, size, maturity stage and more!

OZ-EXPORT-FLOWER-EXPORT-Together2Grow - Promo Actie-05

The production area of Together2Grow.

A Special Offer

OZ-EXPORT-FLOWER-EXPORT-Together2Grow - Promo Actie-06

The Alstoemeria Promo Week mix bucket with Alstroemeria Rome, Virginia and Nadya.

Go to our webshop or OZ Export Webshop App to order your Alstroemeria special by Together2Grow now! This special offer is only available at OZ Export and will be available from 9 May till 15 May 2016.

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