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Are you still wondering what to give her? Or how to express all your emotions towards her in one gift? We might have a right answer for you… Very recently, we got this new and exclusive concept, which is also only available at OZ Export! A collection of elegant Rose boxes – Allure – by Berg RoseS. And, luckily, this gift will make her happy not on only Mother’s Day – she should always be happy! Maybe these flowers won’t live forever, but they will surely stay fresh for at least a 10 days.

Mother’s Day is an interesting and special occasion. Not only because we get to give all the extra attention to our lovely moms (and motherly figures), but also because it is celebrated on totally different dates in different countries. If your country already had it’s Mother’s Day celebration you can still take advantage of this amazing offer. This box is in general an amazing gift, it is a ready-made concept that will save florists time. You also have the option to add your own flyer in the box to make it extra personal. You’ll read more about this when you scroll down this blog.



OZ Export - Flower Export - Berg Roses - Allure - Red Naomi! - Clarence - Peach Avalanche+ - Candy Avalanche+ - Pastel Mix - Avalanche+

Red Naomi!, Clarence, Peach Avalanche+, Candy Avalanche+, Pastel Mix, Avalanche+.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Berg Roses - Allure - Red Naomi! - Peach Avalanche+ - Avalanche+

Red Naomi!, Peach Avalanche+, Avalanche+.



So what makes this box so special? Different from a bunch of Roses on their own? Well, Berg RoseS really thought outside the box to create this concept.

Apart from the beautiful high-quality Roses inside the box, it is about the look, about the feeling that the box itself provides. Love at the first sight. Less is more – in this case, it is most definitely true. The black colour of the wrap and the minimalistic design make it look very elegant and fancy. However, once you open the box, it is not only the Roses you find. Very importantly, care tips are very useful for any flower professional or end customer. Once slid open, this package presents you with care tips in 6 different languages, namely – English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

Want more pro’s? Think of transportation ease! This sort of packaging gently protects the flowers inside the box. The flowers will also not get thirsty due to the smart flower bag innovation. It even includes a bag of Chrysal Flower Food!


OZ Export - Flower Export - Berg Roses - Allure - Red Naomi! - Clarence - Peach Avalanche+ - Candy Avalanche+ - Pastel Mix - Avalanche+

Candy Avalanche+, Avalanche+, Red Naomi!, Peach Avalanche+, Clarence, Pastel Mix.



Of course, such gift would be amazing for the upcoming Mother’s Day. But it can also be used for any other occasion. International Women’s Day, Teacher’s Day – even Christmas! For a date, a fancy dinner, it would make a very special birthday gift – much more original than a casual bunch of flowers. This could even be perfect for expressing your appreciation to your business partners, as the elegance of the box fits the formal context very well. The box says it all. No words needed.

Moreover, it is so easy to carry! You don’t need to worry about setting them into vase as soon as possible, you won’t damage flowers laying them on the table or the car seat, and your hands won’t get cut by rose thorns. Sound amazing, right?


OZ Export - Flower Export - Berg Roses - Allure - Red Naomi! - Candy Avalanche+ - Avalanche+

Avalanche+, Candy Avalanche+, Red Naomi!.



Do you also think outside the box? Then take your chance and get this exclusive concept before anyone else did! Go to our webshop or app to see all the Rose varieties that come in such luxurious packaging.

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